New App, location not working?

Hi All,

Maybe i have this setup incorrectly but I have lights that don’t seem to be turning off when i leave my house. in the old app everything worked great when i would leave and come back they would go out and come on. with the new app it doesn’t seem to be doing that, here’s what i have configured:

custom automation

  • if location mode , away

  • then turn off 4 lights

  • if location mode, home

  • then turn on lights

it says teh location mdoe is based off current device location, but doesn’t seem to be doing anything. my location services are set to always on in iOS settings

Any idea?

Thanks you!

What automation do you have changing the mode?

Hi Jimmy,

I did a custom automation, I wasn’t sure how to do this based on location via the “smart lights recommended” it’s set to “IF, then i select based on this locations mode, set mode to away, then do the following, turn off the 4 lights i have”

I just want to set it so they come on when i come home and off when i leave, is there a guide on how to do this with the new app? the old one seemed a bit more simple.

I think you are confusing presence and modes. You need to have some kind of automation that changes the mode when you leave. Something like this

ohhh ok, i think i need to set the “if” to pick members location, think that’s where it was throwing me off.

that helps. thank you!!

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