SmartThings Android app / (Feb 2022)

i don’t believe we have a thread for this update. I haven’t had a look around it yet.

No thread yet I believe. biggest change in the release notes is adding support for the new SmartThings Dongle for Samsung TVs.

Dongle that was promised with my 2017 65" Class KS8500 Curved 4K SUHD TV

I couldnt see any significant changes, i dont really use the app that much so cant be sure but maybe devices that showed as ON but failed to highlight, now highlight but without more testing i cant be certain

I hope the issue with using thermostats in Scenes and routines defaulting to Celsius when the location is in Fahrenheit is fixed. Ive been promised its been fixed in the last two releases.

EDIT, nope still broke. Im using a supported thermo and totally stock ST provided DTH, absolutely nothing custom.

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Hello. I’m using home monitor module in ST app and automations (away/home) triggered by location (position of my phone Galaxy S10e). Everything worked properly until last update in February 2022. Now ST app seems to stuck on “acquring position” and automations are not performed. All permissions are granted including location. Has anyone experienced similar issue after recent app update?

Thank you.

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I have 4 Android phones in my house as presence sensors and all 4 have stopped working in the last few days. 2, including mine, are flaky and 2 stopped working entirely. Usually some combo of toggling permissions, reopening the app, restarting, etc gets it working. . . but not this time. Mine coincided with the app update, but not sure about the other phones because not sure when they updated. 3 are Android 12 and one is 11. Very frustrating.


It seems finally the SHM configuration page is fixed

My presence detection (S21 Android12) has also stopped working since the app updated to this version. Had been working fine for the 6 months I’d owned the phone before the update.


Same here. Not working properly presence sensor

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Ditto here. Note 20 and S21 dead as mobile presence devices. Smartthings Find at least knows the phone’s locations. What a POS. Good luck getting support to help. Thanks @SmartThings for breaking something that was working.

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I did submit the issue via the app just now, just a least to get something logged.


I heard back from support, and in typical fashion I was asked to restart the phone, clear cache, and remove and reinstall the app. I avoided reinstalling, but all the other options I tried did not fix anything. I ended up removing and reinstalling the app. That did not work either, so now I have the wonderful opportunity to reconfigure the mobile app back to what I had since ST only sync’s Favorites. Thank you ST.

Reference ticket #1318862



Wow! I’m glad I have the SmartThings app in the Google Play store on my smartphone set to not auto-update. Hope they fix it before I receive the new S22+ I just pre-ordered. Irregardless I just pulled the current apk off my old S8+ so I can sideload it on the the S22+ smartphone if this isn’t resolved when it arrives in a few weeks.

I have the same problem. Galaxy S20 FE with Android 12.

I went back to the previous version. All good now. ST support is worthless in situations like this.

Where can previous version be found. I’m also having presence issues.

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Here. Scroll down until you see Download APK:

Uninstall what you have now, and download this one. When you install it you’ll be asked to allow it to be installed.

I have the same problem. Note 20 with Android 12. The last time presence was detected (and related automations trigerred was on Feb, 7th.)
Stupid me thought that the problem is somewhere else so i toggled the “location from phone” a number of times. Added/removed from automations… Until i decided to check the board for similar problems a minute ago.

So now I’ve also uninstalled the latest version and downgraded to, however in the IDE the device is of type “placeholder” and despite the fact that i am at home its state shows as AWAY.

Can someone who has it still working share what IDE shows for their mobile devices?

Placeholder is what you will see in IDE. It is using the new schema on the platform.

You may want to try… disabling get location in the ST app. Check if the presence sensor got deleted in IDE, if not… remove it. Then enable get location in the ST app again.

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So when I uninstall the recent update and install the older version, what settings/prefs will I lose? Just wondering if I should take screenshots of device ordering etc?