Local rules execution delay cause?

I got many rules that sometimes for some reason get substantial delayed.
What can cause this?
Sometimes it’s virtually instant, and sometimes motion takes 3-4 seconds to turn on light.
Zigbee motion detector and z-wave switch, nothing else involved.
Small bathroom, you walk in and nothing. You can just stand and not move, and the light will turn on eventually with huge delay.
Both devices using edge drivers.


What model hub do you have?

I am wondering if memory problems on your hub are slowing things down. Have you tried SharpTools to see if it is faster. They have a free tier and anything you can do with routines plus more can be done in the free tier.


Thanks for reply!
v2 hub
No, did not try SharpTools. One would hope that basic stuff like this should work without it :slight_smile:

I agree it should all work nativity, but it never has. I use what works best for me which in some cases is SharpTools. No different than the people including me who used webCoRE in the past.

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I also used WebCoRE for years, but after that I’m trying to stick to native solution to avoid another disappointment.