Local on off switch question

Inspired by a comment in another thread and the loss of internet for an hour or 2 today i thought i might make a couple of on off scenes to control some lights and a virtual switch to control them

Once created the automations do not have the home symbol next to each automation meaning the automation will not run localy without internet

Is there a way to control on off for devices without internet ?

Scenes are not run locally.

Assuming your devices run local, I would create a virtual switch via an Edge driver and then set up a routine where turning the virtual switch on/off turns on/off your desired set of devices. You could even set up a Lighting Group and just turn on/off that group.

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Seriously !!! Doh, see thats what you get for reading too much

My best bet is to not do anything then lol

No, you can achieve what you want using the method I described in my response.

Yeah i already have all devices local, the net dropped out today so tonight i thought β€˜i know, il make some fully local automations just as back up’ lol

Can you tell i was bored…

My bad on Lighting Groups. Apparently, they don’t run local either so you’ll have to enumerate your devices in your routine :frowning:

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Nor does the Smartthings virtual device offered in Labs, i wanted to test it to see if it ran localy, at present it does not though i do know that will change soon

Tods Virtual devices always serve well though

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This may be a dumb question but if you set up automations with a local virtual device to control local lights, how do you control the virtual device without internet? Or do you just make it a time based routine?

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Hi @fido

You can make routines is a multiple button, that works locally with an edge driver and control local devices with the routines of each button without the need for internet

I have a key fob with 6 buttons x 3 actions per button, I can control 18 local routines

It works


As @Mariano_Colmenarejo said, for now in SmartThings you need a physical control device that runs locally to start things off.

The Remotec zrc90 is another good multi button zwave device available in both North America and EU/UK, and that one has the advantage that you can label the buttons. :wink:


It’s been popular over the years, and there’s now an edge driver for it.



Once matter devices start hitting the market we may see some thread options as well. :sunglasses:


In fairness JD, i know i have asked the same question in the past and you have patiently answered

With all the changes it is hard to figure out what is local, what local means in different scenarios, what is truely local, you get my drift.

I do understand localy running automations and devices, perhaps one day the app will connect directly to the hub even for only basic useage, then perhaps local control will mean what is says on the tin

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All of my scenes are flagged as executing locally. Unfortunately the rule that starts the execution seems to still be in the cloud.

Graham how do you tell your scenes are flagged as local ?

Indeed, although the scenes are marked as local, the routine that activates it is not marked as local.

I would swear that when they announced the local scenes I tried it, but I already doubt if it worked :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Tutorial | Using Scenes API to Determine Execution Location - Developer Programs / Tutorials - SmartThings Community


Thought perhaps it was something crazy such as a little icon house next to the scene and i hadnt noticed it

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Well in my case it was a little house icon, just not in the app.


If you’re using any of @Mariano_Colmenarejo edge drivers there are random timers built into them they maybe of some use

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