100% Local LAN SmartApp to turn device on at set time?


I’ve just wired out over night hot water heating element to SmartThings to try and make the heating time a bit more intelligent - I’ve now monitored when it actually needs to switch on to save energy.

I’m currently using webCoRE to do it - which obviously works perfectly - however of course having hot water is quite important and I assume if the internet went down, CoRE wouldn’t work.

So to be safe, is there a SmartApp that would work without the internet, just over the LAN to turn the switch on at a set time?

Smart Lighting can run an automation locally when your hub has no connection to the internet. But only with certain device handlers. What are you using to integrate your water heater with ST?

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Using a Sonoff POW with the customer firmware provided here - I so I guess smart lighting probably won’t see it as an available switch (though could i make a virtual “bulb” switch it would see and keep everything local?)

Edit: Just checked and it sees the Sonoff as a switch so all good.

I knew one of the SmartApps worked offline/local I just wasn’t sure which. I have set up a timer on Smart Lighting and webCoRE so it should be belt and braces now.

Yeah any custom device handlers can’t run locally. And I’m pretty sure virtual devices can’t either, unfortunately.

ST doesn’t keep a list of devices that are eligible to run locally, but there’s a list that the community compiled to try to keep track.

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Oh no really? So even with the Smart Lighting app it won’t run locally.

That’s a shame, I really wish they’d put more stuff in the actual hub. It only takes on day out of 365 for the internet go down in the middle of the night and we’ll have no hot water.

I think the wise thing to do here is program the Sonoff so that when it powers at 1.30am from the Economy 7 circuit it defaults to on. That way if the internet is down, or SmartThings hub is not working for any reason - it’ll heat the water up anyway like a normal switch.

Then i’ll program SmartThings to turn it off straight away, and turn it on later. That seems to be the safe way to sort it.