Automation is not running locally


I have a door sensor (Sonoff SNZB-04) and a light switch (Sonoff zbmini). I checked and the execution location for both of them should be local.

I’ve created a simple automation in the Smartthigs app that turns on/off the switch based on the sensor (opened/closed).
Even the fact that both of them run locally, when I disconnect the internet, the automations is not working.

Are all the automations running in Cloud? Am I doing something wrong? Help and advise would be much appreciated.

L.E.: I am not sure if this is relevant, but I have the new Aeotec hub

local execution of automations is only available to those in the beta program at this time.

you can use smart lighting to run local excution of rules.


If the Smart Lighting SmartApp is available in your region/country…


In this case, I will wait for the next release.
Unfortunately, for this particular scenario I wanted to keep the external switch.
I am new to Smartthings so I didn’t know about the rules. But I think I can use it in another one.

Thank you