Local Execution and Reliability

I really hope local automation is coming very soon.

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Same here…

Maybe Samsung will allow for local control in case of network outages and avoid these issues.

I think it either is local or is not. The good news is that Samsung wants to move local. It should happen this year. Yay !

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I’d say we’re seeing much more going to local on the platform.

Voice assistants are never going to be local. I guess a phone app could technically be local if it happened to be on the same IP network as the hub.

I’d like to see something like HousePanel having the ability to talk locally to the hub. That would do the trick without major rearchitecting.

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Not sure why that would have to be. They just keep a local copy of the schema on the hub. When you use it, it looks at the cloud first and if it can’t connect it talk to the latest , local version until the outage is cleared.

Never heard of HousePanel before, but it looks kind of cool! It would be nice if it talked to HomeAssistant too so it could do it all.


I have all three platforms running on my network, but ST is my primary one and the only one I use in realtime.

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I’ve been eyeballing all three of the “kiosk” interfaces to SmartThings (ActionTiles, Sharptools, and HousePanel). Haven’t jumped into any of them yet.

There are some threads about each in these forums.

I know a guy that I think is using SharpTools with his Hubitat. I’ll ask him about it.

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They could do a hybrid approach but the overhead to maintain it would be more effort than it is worth, imo. I think the reason they want to get off the cloud is that with so many users it is costing them a lot to maintain their infrastructure. Our devices are plenty powerful so why not keep it mostly local.

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Is that sarcasm? If not, do you have a source? Because that’s not what Samsung/smartthings staff have said publicly. Just that they would like to see “more“ local operation. And no timeline given.

Early generations were originally and they may be eventually at least for some functions. Amazon echo already has local function for Zigbee devices which are connected directly to an echo device. You can’t do much with it, but you can turn lights on and off. I have a pathway of them set up from my bedroom to the front door for times when the Internet is out. :sunglasses:


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We have spoken publicly about moving more processing to the edge (hub). There have been two+ years of under the hood changes for moving towards this new future. If you want to experience running the groovy sandbox on local hardware, you can demo it with Hubitat. Way back when hub v1 launched the only way to make a hub for that price was cloud processing. There is a massive set of infrastructure behind the old datamanagement platform.


Feel free to ping me if you have any questions. :smiley:


I’m very surprised. That means the voice recognition is, at least partly, done on-device. I assumed it was always cloud-based.

All the devices do onboard voice recognition for the wake word. The question is how much farther can they go?

Amazon gives you a few options. It’s not natural language the way the cloud-based service is, but it works OK for “Turn on the entry.” :sunglasses::bulb:

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I think the reply from Jody of SmartThings is a source. It was a big theme at SDC 2019 and the new Rules API from recollection. It may have been also talked about in this good talk by Adrian (I jumped to a good part about volume, and this is just webCoRE, but the whole talk was good).

I think this talk was where I got my webCoRE script to check battery status on devices. Love that piston!

Something I certainly would recommend for those who are growing tired of large corporations running cloud-dependent, datamining infrastructure.


I have no doubt that Samsung can afford a better infrastructure than most individuals. However, in the real world what we want is a system that is responsive and reliable. Fancy specs don’t matter if you can’t use it or it isn’t faster than a local hub.

In your experience does Hubitat work at least as well as ST? Any pros and cons you can share?

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Funny … Didn’t experience any outage on my hubitat… Not to mention everything is running super fast on that “cheap” hardware