Are Automations and Quick Controls locally executed?

Last night my hub was reporting offline for about half an hour, while i suspect that was because internet down, i noticed my quick control setup to turn off an Ikea outlet was not executed ( scheduled time was between hub offline period).

So I’m wondering are new app’s Automations and Quick Controls locally executed? Considering all devices being controlled are all local.

No, the new App’s Automations are not local.

The only thing that runs local is still just Smart Lighting (assuming all of the devices are local, and you’re not relying Mode changes.)

This topic came up recently and some ST Staff chimed in. Definitely worth a read…


Thanks for the info, so only hope is the new rules API then…

I have tested local running automations. Just make sure all the devices involved as well as their handlers will run local. Even a SmartLighting rule won’t run local if it uses cloud devices.

Are you saying new app’s Automations? And by saying tested do you mean you run automation when hub is disconnected? Sorry if I’m being suspicious since st staff are saying it’s not supported for now.

Yes new app. The hub was connected but I disconnected the modem from internet. You can’t use the app of course, as that goes via the cloud, but if you have set up a light to come on when a button is pressed, and they are all local-running devices, that works. Warning though - the default device handler for smartthings plugs runs in the cloud. You have to change to another handler if you want it local. I know I have read over and again the automations won’t run local, but they did in my recent test. Maybe they are planning to make them cloud-only and want us to be prepared and not start relying on them being local

SmartThings engineers have said (Including within the last two weeks in this forum) that the regular automations don’t run locally yet. Only the smart lighting automations.

Can you show us a screenshot of the automation that you have running locally? Also what are the brands/models of the devices involved?

There are some device combinations that can run locally even without a hub, including some of the tradfri controls with their devices and Z wave devices that are using direct association. But that’s nothing to do with smartthings, that’s part of the independent protocol. :sunglasses:

I had a thread about it - the one about plugs not running locally. I wonder where it’s gone… I believe my tests involved a ST button, a neocam siren and a hue light changing colour. Oh the ST sensor set it off when shaken, then the button stopped it. I’ll try setting it up again at the weekend or next week. About to have guests so everything is put away right now

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If you were using a smartlighting automation, that could definitely run locally.

There are two ways to add an automation in the new app.

If you choose the menu on the left side and create a “smart lighting“ automation, then that might run locally.

If you choose the + on the right side and create a new automation there, then that should not run locally.


Ok as per edit above, I’ll try to confirm in a few days. I never use the + to add an automation, I use hamburger menu, then Automations. (Or smartapps depending on what I am wanting)

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Ok apologies. Just tried testing again. The day I was testing before I was trying all sorts of things across smartlighing and normal automations and it seems when I finally got something working offline I must have forgotten to test it in both. You’re quite right, the automation I used to test just now did not work offline while the smartlighting version did.

Hmm it’s a pity we can’t disable smartlighting automations without having to delete them


That’s where the disconnect between new and old API, and I like the ability to disable Automation without having to delete them. Smart lighting is pretty much staying in the old world, not sure if they want to upgrade

But… why don’t the automations work offline? What is the difference between the topologies or data flow?

We don’t know for sure. We just know there is a difference. Right now only Automations created through SmartLighting and some parts of STHM are eligible to run offline.

They’ve been promising “more” local processing since 2015, before hub V2 came out, but it is what it is. They designed a platform which apparently requires more resources than the hub can handle.

There are several competitors which do run locally, at least after initial setup, but they all have their own pluses and minuses.

It’s knowable if a dev happens along to this thread and explains it… Are any around?? :smiley:

Just discovered that Automations did not run locally. I have 5 ST buttons for controlling lights.
I used to have them set up in Smart Lighting but changed over to the new app automations - now I get to switch them back.
My main reason for buying the buttons was for local execution!