List of Device Type Handlers that run Locally? (Not my account, a general list)

@slagle did you ever finish the list of device type handlers that would be eligible to run locally?

As I’ve mentioned in another thread, we’re having tremendous lag issues with a smartthings motion sensor triggering a GE link bulb (paired directly to the smartthings hub). This started happening after the last hub firmware update. Prior to that it had been running regularly with about a one and a half second lag. Yesterday we timed it at 18 seconds.

There’s no custom code being used here. The rule is set with a smart lighting automation.

Batteries are good in the motion sensor. These are the only two zigbee devices on the account and they are both within one hop of the hub.

We haven’t changed anything else or added any new devices in the house of any kind or changed the Wi-Fi set up in any way.

The bulb operates fine from the things list in the mobile app.

There is a lot of flaky stuff in the log from the smart lighting automation and there have been multiple false positives from the Motion sensor since the hub update , but right now I’m just trying to work on the lag.

What specific device type handler could I use with the GE lightbulb that would run locally?

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It doesn’t appear to be effecting everyone because my SmartThings motion sensors are turning on my GE Link bulbs in less than 1 second…

I’m using the default DTH for my motion sensors, but a custom DTH for my GE Link Bulbs and a custom SmartApp.

Last time I checked, the default DTH for GE Link Bulbs ran locally so maybe everything is already running locally for you and that’s what is causing your delay?

I think it did used to run locally, but it’s not on the list now of my local devices. I see the sensor and a minimote and a couple of other sensors. But the bulb is no longer there.

Somebody else mentioned that after the most recent hub update one of their devices it had been running local with a stock handler no longer was. I’m not sure what’s happening.


Here’s a trick I learned When I noticed some automatons would drop off off the local run list.

Go into the automation and change a device to something you know runs local.
Refresh the local list website.
The automation should appear.
Go back in and change the device back to the original.
Refresh the page again and the automation should stay there.

If it leaves the list go to device page, change the dth to anything. Refresh the device in the mobile app. Change the dth back to the original and refresh multiple times in the mobile app.

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That’s strange because 2 of my GE Link Bulbs are still using the default DTH and I just checked my local device list and it includes both of them.

What’s the exact name of the device type Handler that’s running locally? Thanks!

As much as everyone would like this my dear JD, I am afraid we will never get it. If you think about it, how hard is it to put up a list of devices? And @slagle is a great help to us community members, so I do not think this is something he just hasn’t had the time or wanted to help us with.
What I believe after all this waiting is that ST itself blocked this request, because by putting out there the devices that actually run local, we users would go hurrying to get those and never pay attention to the other ones, which would eventually lead to manufacturers complaining about ST giving preference to some products, yada, yada, yada, big problem.

Obviously all of this is just my speculation and I have nothing to back it up. But if you think about it, we are waiting on a simple list for over a year, and to make things even sneakier, none of us would have access to the local device list and automations page if it wasn’t for that support person that gave to you @JDRoberts.

Just my 2 cents here.

Thanks for the tag, this is a sore subject for me. I have been advocating for a public list of local eligible DTH since I learned that Fibaro motion sensor wasn’t included (March 23rd). According to support, they can check the ‘list’ but that list was never published. I don’t understand why the secrecy.


Second thought @JDRoberts maybe we should create a wiki page for this, who knows maybe we can get some anonymous official tipsters. :wink: :wink: @vlad @gausnes All we need is copy the official ‘works with ST’ list and add a flag to those known to be local.


Posting a list of device icons shouldn’t be difficult either, but it’s been close to a year and we’re still waiting for that list…

For a lot of users on the forum, a device’s ability to run locally means nothing because unless you’re using the device with SHM or Smart Lighting, it’s not going run locally either way.

This is just my opinion, but I would think that manufacturers would have more complaints over not being on the officially supported device list because that affects all users.

You’re probably right about it being a corporate decision, but my speculation is that by not posting the list, SmartThings has no obligation to continue supporting local execution for specific devices.

Weird. Here’s my lists:

The sensor’s local but the bulb isn’t.

I guess I could remove the bulb all together and add it back and see if it picks up a different device type Handler. But I don’t have anybody here who can do that today, it’ll have to wait until Tuesday. ( my housemate won’t do any work on SmartThings anymore. So I have to wait for my techie aide.)

This is SmartThings so who knows if that list actually means anything.

Have you unplugged the hub and tested that they’re not running locally?

I’m assuming you’re not located in the US so maybe that has something to do with it?

No, I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lots of people here have housemates because housing costs are so high. :wink: My cousin makes $70K and still shares a house with two other people.

I can’t unplug the hub myself (I’m quadriparetic), but that’s a good idea, we can try that Tuesday.

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Sorry about that. I’m used to hearing the term roommate, and I thought housemate was a UK expression, but I just realized I was thinking of flatmate.

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I ran into this before, and rebooting the hub helped. I would try that first, unless it’s easier for you to reset the bulb, as that also may work.


Don’t forget what I posted above… amazingly it works.

Just asked - never been involved in local execution stuff so maybe I’m missing something but I’m not sure why we wouldn’t publish a list.


Asked a couple of people on the engineering side and they brought me up to speed about this discussion (which has apparently been had many times internally). I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing the reasons/going into further detail about this topic as they were all internal communications and not in my area of the platform.


Thanks for trying @vlad. So to sum it up. @rdelavega was right.


I created a list here: