Linking Treatlife WiFi sensor to Smartthings

I picked up a couple of Treatlife/Tuya WiFi open closed sensors but they don’t seem to be working with SmartThings.
I confirmed they are on both the Treatlife App and show up in Alexa as a connected device but they don’t show up on the connected device list in the SmartThings/Treatlife linked device list.
Are they just not compatible?

I’d buy devices that work with Smartthings.

Very easy to find.

I’d stay away from Tuya, because you never know what you get. And by the way: WiFi contact sensors? That’s new to me.

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There are some. They typically fall into two categories.

Very inexpensive, usually made by Tuya for people who just don’t want A hub (treatlife is one of the brands that use these). They work fine, they just generally have terrible battery life, you’ll be lucky to get three months out of them.

Or… some of the ones from brands that have been working very hard on the latest Wi-Fi technology to try to extend the battery life. These are generally more expensive. Shelly made some for a little while, but then gave up because even they could only get about six months of battery life out of them and people typically want at least 12 for sensors of this type.

The Tuya designs typically get four or five star reviews, but those are all from people who’ve had them for only a few weeks and don’t yet realize the difference in battery life. :man_shrugging:t2:


If you open the device in the TreatLife App and click on the pencil or 3 dots in upper right corner it will take you to a page that lists 3rd party connections (integrations). You will likely see Alexa and Google. If you are lucky SmartThings will be listed. If you don’t see SmartThings that means there is no SmartThings integration.

If there is no SmartThings integration, but the devices show up in Alexa a possible work around would be to create some virtual devices in SmartThings and write Alexa routines to change the state of the SmartThings virtual devices.

The virtual devices you can create will depend on whether you have a SmartThings hub or not.

Does TreatLife show a SmartThings integration?
Do you have a SmartThings hub?
What county are you in?

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Did a bit of poking around, no the WiFi sensors don’t show SmartThings integrations but I think I know why.
If you check the WiFi activity of the device the radio is only turned on for a minute or so after the sensor is opened or closed. It sends a status update and then goes silent until the next time the sensor is activated. That’s probably done to have a chance on increasing battery life by not keeping the radio going all the time but it would give ST a fit since it would be bouncing on and off line when activated.