Linking smartthings hub with link hub

I have started my home automation with free bulbs from GE with link hub. Two of these bulbs are in a location that is very hard to access. I have since installed smartthings hubs. Is there a way to connect the smartthings to link hub. I can not reprogram these bulbs since the are not accessable and they are currently working ok with the link hub. I know link is zigbee but is there a way.

Thanks for your help

If I remember correctly the way to unpair the GE link is to turn on the bulb wait 2 seconds turn off wait 2 seconds and repeat 5-6 times. When successful the bulb will dim and then go back bright. Turn it off try pairing with the ST hub and turn on the bulb. Should blink 2-3 times if it is ready to pair.

There is an article somewhere on the process.

Yes, @mander is correct

From here:

Note: If the light bulb does not flash, you may need to reset it. Turn off the light
and wait 3 seconds. Turn on the light and wait 3 seconds. Repeat turning the
light off and on (approximately 5 times) until the bulb flashes once.

The problem is I don’t have physical access to these bulbs, in the past when I reset them I had problem connecting them back to the hub. Two bulbs are connected to the same switch so I can not program them one at a time (this was required by link I am not sure if it is same for smartthings) Plus I don’t want to rest the bulb and then have problems with connecting.

The best solution for me would be to connect the link hub to smartthings. I am not sure if it is possible.

I don’t think this is possible, You will need to pair the bulbs directly if you wish to integrate them. You could try adding both by using the off/on switch metrics perhaps they will both be caught in the process at the same time.

ST can pair more than one bulb at a time, so it would really depend on how far away they are from the hub. If they’re reasonably close to either the ST Hub or a zigbee repeater like the ST Outlet, then you should be able to reset and pair to ST.

I reset and re-paired my whole basement at once (15 GE Links).

Thanks for the response I will try it this weekend hopefully it will go well.