GE Link bulbs. Not working? Trying not to give up!

I’ve had GE Link bulbs for a few years now. They would work most of the time but every once in awhile they don’t. Right now, it has stopped working for the last week. I’ve been reading a lot of mixed thoughts about this. One is that they will never work and just to abandon them. The other is that you can try resetting (I tried with no luck).

Another is to email Smartthings to update the hub with the latest zigbee firmware. Just wondering if anyone has any luck?

I’m trying my best to see if I can make these work before giving up. I have a whole house full of these and it would be expensive to replace!

Thanks so much for your help.

I took all of my GE Link bulbs off of ST and paired them with my Philips Hue bridge. The bulbs say unreachable in the Hue app but still are controllable via app and voice. The bulbs will only function in ST if device health is turned off. Before removing the bulbs from ST I would have zigbee devices lose connection, been stable ever since. So my suggestion would be to pair the GE Link bulbs with a Hue bridge, it would be less expensive than replacing all of your bulbs.

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