Smart Light Bulbs

New and somewhat frustrated amateur here…

I have an first generation ST Hub. I attempted to install the GE/Jasco light switches to “automate” one of my wall switches.

However, I could not complete that project since my wiring did not conform to the GE Switch.

Plan B and Plan C would be to use a “smart” socket or smart “bulb”.

My simple plan at the moment is to use the ST Hub to turn on a light when a “connected” person enters the house or garage.

Any suggestions on smart sockets or bulbs…

And I assume the SmartThings hub will act as a gateway for any socket or bulb that I buy and I don’t need to buy an additional hub or controller.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or words of wisdom or caution

GE link bulb and hue.

Both can be found at Home Depot.

Love both products!!

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The GE Link bulb is $15 and it connects to the SmartThings hub instantaneously.


Thanks, will check it out.

Not sure if the GE Link bulbs are available in Canada yet.

Am I correct that I dont need the Wink hub and can use the Smart Things hub?

The Philips Hue will require the Hue hub from their starter kit - you can’t just buy a single Hue bulb and have it talk to the SmartThings hub.

Similar situation exists with the Limitless LED lightbulbs - and I’m not aware of anyone getting these talking to SmartThings yet.

Whether you’ll need another hub or not depends upon which bulb you get. For example, the LIFX bulbs don’t have a hub, but again there is no (direct) integration between them and SmartThings yet.

The downside for the bulbs is that you lose the ability to manually control the switch, meaning that if you turn of the switch, it ceases to be a smart bulb. The switch always needs to be in an on position.

You do not need any other hub for the GE Link bulbs. SmartThings can pair and control them directly.

I’d start with these if they’re available to you. They’re cheap and simple to install/use.

One more question… It appears that the GE Link bulbs are not yet available here. . Any experiences with the TCP bulbs?

Your talking to the TCP man here. :blush:
It has a hub and you have to install the tcp app and get that all configured first. Once you do, then you can add the bulbs to smartthings. I just updated the TCP app/devices, they should work fine for you. Get the starter kit. Has 2 bulbs and the hub.

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