Linked Services keep failing (June 2022)

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Our Smarthings keeps losing connections to our Linked Services. Lifx, Nest, Sengled, TP-Link/Kasa all disconnect intermittently throughout the day. We have to go back in, re-link them, and they all work again. This started a couple of weeks ago and I first noticed it with Kasa and then Lifx. Now all of them disconnect at some point every day. I’ve reported it to Smartthings and all they want me to do is reinstall the app and remove/relink the services. Which, of course does not work at all.

Any thoughts?


Android or iOS? I am thinking it is due to the most recent app updates that is causing the issue. There have been reports of several issues but I have not seen that one reported. But that is only a guess on my part.

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Android. Why would it matter? I could destroy my phone and the Smartthings backend SHOULD keep these connections alive no matter what so that automations & scenes continue to function normally. Yes?

Something you can try… go to an apk site and download/install the previous version of the ST app to see if the issue persists. Of course, you would need to disable auto updates for the app until the next version is released.

Again, it may not be the app. The only ones who can assist with linked services is ST support.

The old app has the same symptom. Additionally we are experiencing the same symptom on the iphone app.

You should contact support again. Ask if they can raise it to a higher level of support.