Smartthings has become so unstable its almost unusable

Since the ending of the classic app the overall smarthings experience has become so unstable it’s almost unusable. Every week and a half to two weeks the smarthings environment begins to exhibit severe instability. Devices are no longer connected, the app does not refresh and the overall smartphone ecosystem becomes unusable. The issues correct themselves after about half a day but it is an ongoing issue. The break in functionality set off alarms and prevent the proper functioning of automations.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues?


You may want to look at, there some outages recently causing loss of device control and automation issues.

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That’s the frustrating thing, nothing is listed in the Samsung notifications. I would think it was something wrong something with my hub except for the fact that only some of the devices go offline, a random selections of hue lightbulbs, some of the presence sensors, some of the Samsung sensors, some of the other brand sensors. Its never the same ones and after half a day to a day everything is back to normal.

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It also began immediately after the classic app was shut down (within 24 hours). I had migrated to the new app months before and everything was working fine until that point.

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I am experiencing exactly the same problem. In some cases the only solution to get the device online again has been to delete it from the app and add it again, having also to recreate automations. It is incredibly frustrating.

There was a new mobile app update released a few days ago, it appears to be much faster.

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Actually, the last app update was in October

I don’t know about android, but there was an iOS update this week.