Z-Wave Frequency Compatibility

Hello All ST Gurus

I have a query!

Currently based in Singapore using a Samsung Connect Home hub running a 920-925 MHz Z-Wave frequency.

I’m looking to buy an August Smart Lock Pro from the US which runs a 908.42 MHz frequency.

Will the Samsung Connect Home hub be able to communicate with the Smart Lock Pro?

The Smart Lock also has a bridge that uses WIFI. Will the Wifi or Bluetooth etc be able to connect to the Samsung Connect Home hub?

Thank you all so much for your help and wisdom!

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Get a hub and lock from Singapore and then it should run on the same frequency range.

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Possibly. I believe August works with stringify, so you might be able to link your lock to SmartThings that way.

But I agree with @kahilzinger, if you buy a lock that is intended to connect to your SmartThings hub on the right z-wave frequency (or even zigbee), then you’re probably going to have a better experience than if you link two accounts through a third party service in the cloud.

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Thanks Kirk for your help! Unfortunately we’re quite behind in terms of tech here so I have limited options.

Wow? Singapore? I thought your Internet speeds and coverage were very good. Maybe it is different with home automation. Good luck.

Thanks Mark for your insight. I will go read up on Stringify. Unfortunately the same Smart Lock is 3-4 times more expensive in Singapore as compared to me buying from Amazon US.

i’m from Singapore too. I self installed my August Smart Lock Pro and got it connected to a Smartthings hub (US) via Z-wave, works like a charm. Forget about the August Connect. From reviews they use a really inferior wifi chip inside.
i got the Smartthings hub v2 preowned at $70. The August connect is proprietary only for the lock , whereas the smartthings hub enables me to connect other stuff in the future. Only downside is that i dont get informed who locks and unlocks the lock (August exclusive) although i do know when the lock is locked/unlocked through smartthings … I can live with that as i have my ip cam recordings to correlate to the lock/unlock timings though

Hey AsusEpoxy thanks so much for your in-depth sharing regarding the lock. Glad to hear from a fellow Singapore user as well, a lot of people don’t know that we are actually quite primitive in regards to Smart home, Smart Things adoption.

Unfortunately I checked with August and they informed me that my door lock is not compatible with their product. I send them a picture of the lock and they told me it would not work.

I refuse to spend upwards of SGD 700 on a pseudo smart lock by Yale or Samsung so now I’m back at square one.

Thanks for your sharing again! Appreciate it.

Hey Sammy Saito,

Since we are both in Singapore, i will try to advise from my local perspective. If its not compatible, I am assuming you have a mortise lock here. Many Singapore homes use the Euro Mortise lock. If you want something similar in style to the August Smartlock, you might want to consider the Danalock with Z-Wave. To complete the package , they have recently launched the Danapad as well. The best part about Dana is that they allow you to recycle and use an old smartphone to act as the wireless hub for the Danalock. How cool is that compared the the August Connect? It makes August looks so bad that they look like a money grubbing company in my opinion.

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Hi Rhys

Thanks for the recommendation! I totally did not even know that there’s a lock by that specifications. Kept thinking that August was the best and only one in the market. In fact I called up the Singapore retailer for Danalock and the boss was very knowledgable. Actually shared that the new Danalock V3 with Singapore frequency Z-Wave will be available in about 3 months time.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Would not have made this discoveries if not for you. Appreciate it!

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No problem, BUT do be careful about Z Wave frequencies in use in SG, there’s currently quite a confusion right now. With reference to the link below-
(domotics dot sg/review-samsung-connect-home-and-compatible-z-wave-devices-in-singapore/) which says (2nd last para)

‘Now before you speed off to get some Z-Wave devices and expect it to work with Samsung Connect Home, we’ve got a bad news and good news for you. The Samsung Connect Home in Singapore comes in Z-Wave Korean frequency. Why? Isn’t Singapore using Z-Wave Euro frequency? The reason is IMDA has recently announced that it will take 3-5 years to slowly farm back older 868.42Mhz to use it for longer range IoT protocols and they will only certify Z-Wave gateway that is in Korean frequency. While it is not illegal use Euro 868.42Mhz for short range devices during transition, they would recommend using the new Korean frequency moving forward. Refer to the Z-Wave coverage table for more details.’

Please make sure the local distri is selling the Z-Wave frequency that suits you.

Hey Rhys

I too was very confused about what the frequency was because of the re-farming. So I actually went directly to IMDA to check on it.

After some emails I got a reply, excerpt looks like this:
“…we would strongly recommend you to consider 920 – 925 MHz and comply to IMDA TS SRD.”

So anything in that range would be future proof. I have the official email reply from IMDA too, for your benefit and other Singaporean Smart Home users who are having the same queries.

Thanks for your help! Hope I have assisted you in some way too.

hey! that’s mighty nice of you. Do share with me your findings on what you have done. There’s a small community here but its growing!