Erratic Linear Garage Door Opener Behavior

Has anyone else been experiencing erratic behavior from the Zwave garage door controllers? I did a search and found this:

However, that seems to have been attributed to the tilt sensors.

My issue is that my doors will open magically while no one is home. Initially I thought it could be the Rboy device type I had been using just fine for over a year, so I switched it to the built-in Zwave Garage Door device type. Still no luck, as I got an alert that a door had opened when I had been at work the past hour.

Open the device events logs from the IDE and see who/what sent the open command to the device, if was sent from the ST system it’ll show up. It maybe a stray rule or app or mis firing, but if it came from ST it’ll show up there.

Also are you sure the door is open, and it’s not reporting a open in ST? That’s been known to happen and is a wholly different problem. If this is the case you may want to start by replacing your door sensor battery.