Linear garage door always open- network vs tilt sensor problem?

My garage is detached, with brick walls, and about 15 -20 feet from the house. I had a problem in that the device is recognized as open- I can close it via the hub, but then the status remains open. At first I thought it might be a range problem, as this happened with my schlage lock (always appearing unlocked until I moved the hub closer). Also, when I attempted a z wave repair, it would read that there was a mesh error with the garage door.
I installed some z wave outlets to get the network signal stronger, but still having the same problem. However, now z wave repair runs and finishes without detecting any errors. I’m wondering if this means that the signal is good, and the problem may be with the tilt sensor that is supplied with the unit?

You can try to remove the tilt sensor, bring it inside, run a zwave repair, and test it out closer to the hub.

Use a 3M strip or some double-sided tape to put it on something small and tiltable indoors and test.

so the tilt sensor communicates directly with the hub? I did not know that. I thought it connected to the main garage door opener unit (linear z wave garage door opener). I will give it a shot, though

If you have the GD00Z-1 z-wave garage door opener the tilt sensor is RF and connects directly to the main garage door opener unit.

Does the garage door get any commands from the app? Can you reliably open/close it or does that not work either?

Tilt sensors are available for direct integration with ST (such as the EcoLink one or using a SmartThings multi sensor as a tilt sensor)

This is taken straight from the Amazon page for the GD00Z-4 Linear/GoControl Garage Door Opener:

Tilt Sensor Reports Door Position to Z-Wave Controller
The Remote Controller system’s wireless tilt sensor attaches to the inside of the garage door. Once installed, it reports the door’s open or closed status to the Z-Wave controller, which is then displayed on most Z-Wave controller apps.

ok, took the sensor inside, repaired z wave network, but still no go. I will experiment a little more tomorrow when it is not so freezing out

You may want to check and verify if that sensor is the Zwave one or the RF one as mentioned above. If it is the RF one, it communicates directly to the opener, but if it’s Zwave it reports to the ST hub.

Do you know which model specifically of the Linear opener you have? They make a handful of them as they make them for other brands

Mine communicates directly with the opener as mentioned. Could the battery in the sensor be bad?