Linear Z-wave indicatorStatus of associated switches

Hello all, new to ST, and did some searching in the forums but didn’t find answers yet. Any help or guidance, slaps and links to existing docs I missed are greatly appreciated!

I have three Linear Z-Wave switches setup as a 4-way circuit as follows:

I have directly Z-Wave Associated both Accessory switches to Dimmer(1) and all will correctly toggle the load ON/OFF

Linear WD500Z-1 Dimmer Switch | Attached to the Load | Calling this: Dimmer(1)
Linear WT00Z-1 Accessory Switch | Calling this: Accessory(1)
Linear WT00Z-1 Accessory Switch | Calling this: Accessory(2)

Starting with load ‘off’ and all switches indicatorStatus LEDs are indicating ‘off’

at Dimmer(1) toggle load ON/OFF: Only Dimmer(1) status LED updated.

at Accessory(1) toggle load ON/OFF: Accessory(1) and Dimmer(1) status LED updated; Accessory(2) status LED not updated.

at Accessory(2) toggle load ON/OFF: Accessory(2) and Dimmer(1) status LED updated; Accessory(1) status LED not updated.

I’m assuming this is because the Accessory switches don’t talk to each other only to the Dimmer(1).

Would I need to use custom device handlers to get an indicatorStatus update to be processed by ALL members of the Associated group?

What I’d like is to have each of the Accessory devices poll the Dimmer for it’s state, and change their indicatorStatus to match whatever state the Dimmer is.

Again, any help greatly appreciated!

Just to get this out-of-the-way because it’s going to distract me otherwise, technically you associated the master to the auxiliary. Not the other way around. If you did it the other way around there are other issues.

So assuming you followed the instructions and associated the dimmer to each of the two auxiliaries, this is just a configuration issue.

From the user manual for the auxiliary:

By default, the LED on the WT00Z-1 will turn OFF when the Associated device is turned ON. To make the LED turn ON when the Associated device is turned ON, set Parameter 3 to a value of 1.

I’m tired today and I rely on text to speech so I wasn’t really able to follow your whole post right now. Hopefully other people can help you with the details.

But as it comes out of the box, the LED on the aux will turn off when the master turns on. And the master indicator LED turns on when the power on the master is off. It’s supposed to act as a night light so you can find the switch in the dark.

So, just make sure that the steps that you followed were the ones in the following FAQ:

Once you have the association set up correctly with the master associated to each of the two aux switches ( which means the aux can tell the master to come on when it comes on, so the master is following the aux) then you can work out how to set up the parameters so you get the LED result that you want from indicator lights.

@johnconstantelo might be able to say more. Or @codytruscott

Thanks for the rapid reply! I did the association the right way round, as you mentioned. All three do work to control the load. I may also not have been clear in describing the status light issue I’m having. I do want the default behavior of nightlight status indicator (led on when load off). I just need to get all switches status LEDs to be in sync with the master.

I’m sure you were clear, I’m just really tired today and I’m using my ears instead of my eyes so I probably missed something. :sunglasses: I use text to speech anyway because I’m quadriparetic and I can’t use my hands much but normally I do look at the screen as well. Today I’m mostly just listening.

When you say “all switches’ indicators are indicating off” you mean all three indicator lights are on, right? That’s the nightlight behavior.

Only your master is controlling the load, correct?

So When the master is off, its LED is on. When the master is on, its LED is off.

I’m wondering if maybe the parameters got set incorrectly on the second auxiliary. So it’s doing the reverse nightlight behavior. That would give you the results you’re seeing, I think except for the very first one where all three are off and all three LEDs are on. You’re sure the second auxiliary has an off status in the mobile app when you’re seeing its LED indicator light on?

I just tried it, I have 1 linear aux and one master.

It looks like when controlled from the aux, both switch’s indicator lights are correct.

But when controlled from the load controlling switch, the aux indicator light does not change.

This seems to “make sense” in that the aux is directly talking with the load controlling switch, but the load controlling switch does not communicate with the aux.

I believe you, but that’s not what the user manual says should happen.

It may be time to get in touch with Linear/go control customer service and see what they say. It wouldn’t be the first time Linear documents have been wrong.

The leds are on when the switches are off, as they are supposed to be, but as the other poster said the master and the aux don’t seem to keep each other in the same state from either location, depending on which is used to turn on the load. I would hope that associated switches would send signals to each other to stay in the same state.

According to the user manual, they’re supposed to. I would get in touch with Linear and see what they say.

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Just to follow up, just to make sure I verified the status light behavior.

When I use the master (dimmer) switch, ONLY the master status LED updates.

When I use either aux switch, THAT aux and the master toggle, but not the ‘other’ aux.

Hope that clarifies what’s happening.

Since the light switches all actually function and it’s only a cosmetic issue once I get more time I will see about contacting Linear to find out how I can try to fix this issue.

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I know this is an old thread, but what did you learn from talking to Linear?