Linear dimmer indicator light control

I have many Linear WD500Z dimmers in my house. However, though I can control the green indicator light on a Linear outlet I have, I can’t control it on the dimmers. Most of them are stuck with the indicator light On when the lights are off. Normally that’s good, but it’s distracting in bedrooms.

I’ve looked through the forums and tried some of the suggestions. One person suggested changing the Device Type to Dimmer Switch instead of Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic. That does put the indicator setting in the device settings, but it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve also tried the Linear Indicator Status SA, but that doesn’t seem to work either.

Has anyone successfully gained control of the indicator light?

I think these operate in reverse. Use the device type “dimmer switch”. Then choose the option which is reverse of what you actually want.

Here is a follow up, it seems the option never on, becomes led on when off, led off when on.

There is no option always on.

It seems
"When on"
“When off”

Are reversed.

Thank you! I got almost what you got. For me:

When on - indicator is on when the light is off
When off - indicator is on when the light is on
Never - indicator is on when the light is off


Yes I think we are saying the same thing.