Linear WD500Z-1 LED indication

I have these switches with the LED indication on when switch on and others off when switch is on. How do i make these LED indication turn on when switch is on? I see the manual to change the values (0 or 1) for paramater 3, but where and how do i do this?

In the device’s preferences screen in the phone app is the easiest. Go to the device, tap on the gear in the upper right corner, and then you can’t miss it. Tap on done.

It just says give name, update icon, remove and replace. Should i have setup the switch through the brands available in Add a thing? If so which brand, Linear is not listed.

That shouldn’t matter because of how ST uses the device’s fingerprint. It should look like this:

Apparently it does if i dont see it. How i connected is through ‘start looking for things’ then sees it as a zwave thing. After i set it up i only see what i said before, no led indicator. Is it because im on an iphone?

Can you get into the IDE and change the field titled “Type” to Z-Wave Switch?

I just did that and it didnt work, unless there are specific steps to apply the preference? I also lose dimming functionality with that type.

My apologies, I didn’t know that was a dimmer. Change the Type to Dimmer Switch.