Linear LD033 Garage Door Problem

I have a Linear LD033 Garage Door. The remote control is not working from the front of the garage door. I have replaced the remote batteries. When the door is open I can close it from the front 20 feet away. When the door is closed, the remote does not open the door. If I move to the side where the siding is, the door opens. I cannot do that sitting in the car. The antenna wire is put straight up. Is there some way to increase the antenna sensitivity? The signal is not strong enough to go through the aluminum garage door. It used to open it before, 10 feet from the garage door. Please help jjtimm

Have you tried another remote?

If it used to work before and the performance is now degraded, either your transmitter (remote) is failing, or the received (board on the opener) is failing.

Trying another remote is the cheapest option. If that’s not the issue, you should be able to get a replacement board for the opener and swap it out.

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