Linear GD00z-4, Smartthings and Liftmaster Garage opener 3595 s

Okay, this is confusing the heck out of me. After a false start hooking up the Linear, which was basically very easy if I made sure the sensor contact went under the battery instead of over :slight_smile:

Problem: Side of Liftmaster 3595 s (basically this one and same wall remote that is wired in: ) - and linear GD00z-4 opener with sensor. When I tie the two wires from teh linear to the two inputs that have wires aleady there from wall switch, the linear accepts the open/close commands, beeps like it should but nothing (no garage motion). If I unplus the wall switch wires and leave linear in, all is good! What in the world is interfering with the linear??

Perhaps the existing button is not a basic normally open doorbell button?

If your button is normally closed or if it is one that sends a code to the control unit, perhaps that is the problem?

Just guessing here.

Thanks. It makes no sense to me at all. How is the on-wall wired remote negating the signal the linear is sending? My backup is to simply unplug wall and put a wireless remote (as in car opener). Just has to be a good reason for this!

Is the button on your wall just a basic doorbell button, or is it something else?

You refer to it as “on-wall wired remote”. Makes it sound like it is something that is sending a code to the motor unit. If so, the Linear relay is not doing that. It is designed to just short out, so to speak, the two terminals on the motor unit.

It actually has an lcd display (the control came with the opener, the link I posted shows the wall mounted opener). It seems we are getting closer - I agree with you. I think that the wall opener is getting power from the garage opener as well as opening the door. Both work when they are connected by themselves but once both are connected, it doesn’t work!

Do you have more than two wires running from the wall unit to the motor?
If so there is probably a certain combination of two terminals to which the relay should be connected.
If you can determine which two those are, it will probably work.