GoControl Garage Door controller trips opener power

Earlier this week, I installed a Linear GoControl garage door remote; following the installation instructions, I added its two leads to the existing terminals and it’s been working fine for several days.

Yesterday, while I was in the garage, I heard a loud click, then power appeared to be out at the opener. The GoControl was still responsive, so it wasn’t a circuit issue (same outlet). After a few minutes, it recovered. This morning it did the same thing.

It acts like it’s overheating, or over-current, or something. But the GoControl shouldn’t be changing the temperature or pulling current, and as it’s usually working I don’t think this is one of the openers that’s flat out incompatible.

But obviously this isn’t acceptable, and concerns me a little bit even if it were. Any idea what’s going on, or what I should check?

Sounds like a short. Are you sure the wires are not touching at the terminals on the opener?

I would definitely take it back and get an exchange if it’s hooked up correctly. Never had any issues with mines.