Garage door opener> Has someone made this?

I am still interested in getting a garage door opener for my garage. The problem is im having a hard time knowing for sure if something out there will work with my system.

Has someone developed a wireless remote that will send a signal to open and close the door? Much like the one in your car, except left in the house and smart connected?

If not, why? Is there some kind of limitation that wont allow for this. I dont understand why the only solution is something you physically have to connect to the opener?

There are plenty of hand held “dumb” remotes…If you want to know if you garage is open then put a sensor on it. Other than that, use the Go Control

Or you can alway do what I did a long time ago:

I am having a hard time identifying if this will work with my garage door. Ive tried looking online and it seemed like it would based on model number etc but then someone on here told me it didnt have the correct wiring for it. So I got frustrated and gave up.

There a pretty universal. I actually have one in the box but never got around to it. Between the hand held, door keypad and the built in for our cars, I lost interest. I do have a SmartThings multi on the door to see if its up or down.

I think what got me most was some of the stories on here about how they garage door opened without a command sent…No Thank You!

I looked in to doing something a year ago by trying to mimic the button controller and with a contact switch. Every way I tried it the result was always more expensive than getting the Linear unit. If you shop it you can get a good deal on them from Lowes. I found a store only 60 miles from me online and they were clearanced for like $40 ea. Couple that with a 15 off 50 coupon they were like $35 ea for the 2 I needed out the door plus gas.

It was an easy install and have worked great for almost a year so far.


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Hi @rontalley,

I recommand you look through my project link. In there I Strongly recommand a Back Up to prevent any unwanted garage door opening behavior. I added a smart plug in line with my garage door opener and it cuts the power to my garage door when I am Away, in Night mode or Party mode. That way your house will not open itself when you are not there. Also, food for thought. If you read some of the posts on this subject, I recall someone posting that someone used a friquency blaster device to open regular garages doors which are not integrated with ST and just use regular old fashioned clicker remotes.


Excellent post! I never thought about putting a smart plug on my two operators. That’s the ultimate security when away. Thanks for the tip.

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