Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener and Amazon echo

Ok first of all i am a beginner to ST so any help will be appreciated. I got a linear GD00Z4 garage opener install that i am able to controller it true ST. I will like to control the garage opener true the amazon echo but i don’t have any idea how to do this. If some body can help me out on this or point me on were i can get this information it will be really appreciated.

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First of all, what device type are you using? Are you using the stock ST one or a custom one?
(Do you know how to check on this yet?).

This is the custom code that I use: (Follow the link)

Read the thread in this link for some good information as well:

I am using this same garage door opener, ST, and the Amazon Echo. They all work wonderfully together.


Hello bamarayne and thank you for your help. To answer your question i am using the ST hub version 2 and i am assuming that its stuck because i haven’t done nothing to it. OK i got the code on my ST and i got it to work but now how is echo going to control the garage opener. I can see the garage opener now being an on/off switch on ST. Those this means that amazon echo will see and control this devices as an on/off switch. Thank you for you help.

Awesome! Now you need to do this…

1 - In the ST app, go to the SmartApps tab
2 - Tap on the Amazon Echo app
3 - Tap anywhere beneath the words “My device list”
4 - Choose the devices you want Echo to control
4a. - DO NOT choose any devices that are WEMO or are connected to a Phillips Hue Hub. If you choose these Echo will find the devices twice and you will have a whole new problem on your hands.
5 - Tap your way out of this smart app
6 - Have Echo search for devices
7 - Tell echo to close the garage door!

Name your devices in the way you would naturally call something. Like “Master Bath Closet Light” instead of MB Closet Light.

This is the way i set it up as soon i saw that echo was able to see the garage door opener. Now the only thing left is to get back home and test it. Thank for you help men.

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Ok every thing work fins but i got a question. Where do you control the time for the garage door to get close automatically. I see some options on the smartapp but when i change it it dose not affect the time it takes for the door to get close.

Oh, I’m not sure about that. You could probably use rule machine for that, but I do not automatically close my door… I’m just not all that comfortable with it. If I leave it open, I just use the app to close it if I’m not home.

Well i thing i am going to remove that part of the code and not complicate my life so much. Thanks.

Is there anyway to get a step by step on adding this device to the ST App so i can use it with Echo.

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Sure, scroll up to post #2 in this thread and follow the links. Write back here if that doesn’t get you where you are working.

Reading the thread…without using s custom device type, is there a way all things being stock to just get the garage door to show up in the device list in the Amazon echo smart app section? All my devices are there except my latest device, my garage door controller. Once there I understand I just need to discover.

Did you go into the Alexa app under the smart apps tab in ST? You would authorize the device there. Once done Alexa will find it.

If you have been there, is the garage door not showing up?

Not there. Guessing it’s limited to switches and stuff. Probably doesn’t do locks and doors. Probably don’t want someone telling through an open window “Alexa unlock door”…“Alexa open garage”. That’s my guess after I thought about it.

No, it works. I tell Alexa to open and close my garage door all of the time. I’m not using the stock device handler though. Why are you reluctant to use custom code?

Should I just use the code from post 2, and then it’ll shownup in my echo smart app? Not reluctant, but I just kind of laughed at the thought of someone yelling “open garage” from outside and letting themselves in.

It doesn’t matter which device handler you use. If Alexa had control of the device, than anyone can control it. If people standing out front and telling at their houses is a common thing in your neighborhood, then I would think about two things … 1) moving and 2) moving really soon.

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I am having the same issue. Just hooked up my linear GD00Z-4 garage door opener and have it synced up with ST. I can control it without issue through the ST app. But when I go to authorize it in the Amazon echo smart app in ST it doesn’t show up under the device list. I tried reinstalling the echo smartapp but that didn’t work. I am running stock ST v2. I can’t tell from the posts above whether you are saying I need a custom code to get the linear garage door opener to work with echo or whether it should show up with stock ST handler.

I honestly don’t know if it works with the stock code, never tried it.

But it definitely works with the custom code. I’ve been using that since day one.

Use the code in post 2 above

Yes… 20 char

Thanks for the responses. I will try using the code in post 2. I havent used custom codes before. Is there a FAQ or tutorial for how to add these to ST?