Amazon Echo - Smarthings Device Control -Garage Door - Go Control

I’ve got a weird one here.

Hub Version 2 - Latest Update
New Echo added.
Discovered ALL my Smartthings devices from Echo App.

All devices able to be controlled through Smarthings App and Dashboard -

Go Control Garage Door interface works as it should via apps.

When asking Echo /Alexa to Open Garage Door . Alexa replies OK and this IS found within the Echo App under History as being understood.
This command does not activate the Garage Door
So I tried Close Garage Door and this command is recieved and a reply of OK is provided by Alexa.
No response from garage door.

Also tried turn on and turn off. Both are confirmed in History with an OK response.
No activity on Garage Door

Tried Activate as well. No response.

Tried changing the name of the device to DOG and rediscovering all smarthings devices in the Echo App. New Devices named DOG was discovered.

Tried all the same commands and many were confirmed. Yet No action on the garage door.

Tried creating a GROUP in the Echo app and only adding the one device Garage Door to it . After renaming back mto garage door from DOG.

No activation of garage door no matter what commands I issued. Deleted Group Garage.

The only thing different about this device is that it uses the Go Control Custom Device Type as I recall and it is setup as a momentary switch.

How in the world can I get the Echo to control this device?

Just double checked the Smarthings IDE and I am using the My Z Wave Garage Door controller Device Handler that allows momentary contact on the switch.

Solved it myself! I changed the Device Type to the one found in this thread Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener and Amazon echo

Since the Go Control Garage Door Opener is the same unit internally as the Linear GD00Z then the device type works as it should for the Go Control unit and allows Echo/Alexa to control the unit using voice commands.

Something to note. There is a built in 30 second delay between commands so that if one issues a voice command to Open Garage Door followed by another command to Close Garage Door then the second command to close garage door will be ignored until at least 30 seconds or more has elapsed from the first command.

Not sure if this is a setting that can be modified in the code to change the delay in seconds , but for now it works if one waits between commands.