Linear Garage Door Opener and IFTTT

I’ve just gotten started with SmartThings, Alexa, IFTTT and all things automation. I’ve not really had any issues that I’ve not been able to research and resolve, except for one, my garage door opener. I installed the Linear GD00Z4. I got it paired and it works fine from the SmartThings app. However, I only see it listed as a contact sensor within IFTTT, not as a switch or anything else that can be opened or closed. Is this by design? I know it isn’t supported directly by the Echo, but I hoped to set up a IFTTT trigger to be able to open it by voice.


You will need a device handler to have it show ip as switch. I have tried the IFTTT integration with the linear. For me it is not reliable enough to use. N00bs guide to ST & GD00Z (Garage Door Controller)

I use a virtual switch for voice automation (Alexa) - Garage Door Opener as an On/Off Button Tile. works well.

Thanks for the link. I installed the driver, found the switch and created my trigger. Works great.