Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

Nothing shown under Garage Door?

I have this opener. I have been able to use it via the generic device type as well as a community device type titled “RG Linear GD00Z Garage Door Opener”. It is listed as a garage door in my Rules.

Maybe I’m on a old version of rule machine? I have no option for Garage Doors in creating a rule. See images. Oh, and the device works fine…just not showing up specifically in Rule Machine.

Looks like Bruce is up to 1.6.5/1.6.8d

Compare and see if you are up to date or close to it.

Version numbers are at the bottom of the main page of the app.

Dude! Update that thang!

Make sure you are using this custom device type as mentioned below. It allows your garage door to look like a switch.

They are used to input parenthesis for sub-rules. As you are building your rule, rule machine will display the rule based on your selections. You would need to switch on ‘Enter subrule for right’ after motion active, ‘Enter subrule for right’ again after the OR and ‘End of sub-rule’ at the very end.

Makes sense, so I now have this:

Does that look correct?

That looks like what I had described. I am hoping that it works out for you. Still very green myself.

What differentiates the following action types:

Set these dimmers
Set these other dimmers
Toggle these dimmers
Adjust these dimmers

I can see that Adjust these dimmers is by an amount - up or down?

What is toggle these dimmers? Does this just mean switch their state from the current to the opposite? If so why not a switch option?

Set these dimmers does just that to one or more, to a selected level; note all to that level.

Set these other dimmers does the same thing; this allows two different dimmer levels in one rule. This is needed if you have mixed LED and incandescent light sources in one area, to balance the brightness.

Toggle these dimmers also sets dimmers to a selected level, if they were off; otherwise, it turns them off. This feature is needed because on/off toggle has the possibly unfortunate outcome of turning a dimmer on to its previous level. Suppose every evening you like the dimmer at 30%, but during the day at some point it is turned on to 90%. Then that evening, a switch toggle would turn it on to 90%. So this action overcomes that problem when a toggle is the desired type of control. An example is using a button on a bedside Minimote to toggle bedroom lights.

Adjust dimmers simply adds or subtracts from the current dimmer level.

Track event dimmer (available on Set these dimmers) causes the level to be set to the current level of the dimmer that last sent a level event to the rule. This is tricky. The dimmer to be tracked must be either a trigger or a condition of a rule, but not a condition of a triggered rule (so that there is a subscription to the dimmer’s events). There can be multiple of these. The common use would be in a trigger, where a level change of the tracked dimmer causes others to be set to the same level. In a room with 3 dimmers, you can set it up so that changing the level on any of them, changes it on all of them.

I’ve been thinking I should reorganize all of this onto a dimmer setting page…


Okay, I get the set dimmers / set these dimmers - this is essentially group a and group b of dimmers.

I get Adjust dimmers.

I do not get the difference between Set these Dimmers / Toggle these Dimmers.

If I use set these dimmers - I assume it turns on that light and sets the dimmers to the specified level.

Does Toggle these dimmers turn on the light, adjust the level to the specified level then turn it off immediately?

Toggle is simply

if it’s on, turn it off
if it’s off, turn it on to this level

Thanks Bruce.

And Set these Dimmers is:
Turn on these dimmers to this level. /EOL

I am assuming??

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Although in theory you could use the Set These Dimmers for adjusting from current values, too.

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I’ve got a handful of rules, and one of them isn’t doing what I want. I checked live logging to see if I could tell what is going on, and keep seeing a lot of error messages saying to “Please update to V1.6 or later”, though I have the latest version. Did I possibly mess something up when updating?

Please open any rule you have, and then hit Done.

Then look at the very bottom of the main page of Rule Machine, and tell me what the version numbers are.

Hmm. I don’t see a version number at the bottom of the main page (or anywhere for that matter). Last things on the page are expert features and remove rule machine.

Then you don’t have the latest versions.

Would you please get the latest source from Github for both Rule Machine and Rule.

Rule Machine github: Save and Publish for me.

Rule github:, just save, don’t publish.

Please let me know if that solves the problem.

Yep, that fixed the errors and gave me the version number, so I must have screwed up something during the last update. I ended up deleting it, but most of my rules are fairly straightforward so not too much work. I’ll re-enter the rules and see if it changes anything. Biggest two issues I was having were getting motion+lights to work which I think is my own stupidity. Second one is getting lifx bulbs to change color, which seems to be more of a challenge.