Linear GD00Z-4 not opening Chamberlain 900D opener

Set this up a few days ago. The Open/Close status works fine - therefore clearly the sensor is paired with the Linear controller.
However, when I push the Open button on the app, it causes the lights and beeps on the controller, but won’t open the door. It says “Opening door” for a few seconds and nothing happens. The status then changes back to “Closed”. What am I doing wrong?

I would contact Linear support. It sounds like Linear unit is not correctly wired to the Chamberlain unit.

Thanks for the response.

There are really only two wires coming from the Linear unit. They go into the Red/White on the Chamberlain opener. Not sure what could really go wrong. Any other tests I can do before returning the Linear unit?

The Linear support people are generally very helpful and that unit is very popular in the SmartThings community. I would talk to Linear before returning it, they’ll have the most information.

Did you ever get this to work?

Not familiar with that model of opener but does the button to open it have any kind of display, or thermostat, etc? If so, because it requires the full 24v for the display, the linear won’t work with it as-is. If it’s the same as my craftsman, you can either do some modding on the opener and soldier on some wires to it, or just use a different button, even a simple doorbell type will work.

Linear’s support was horrible to non-existent (and did I mention, useless!).

However, in my experimentation, I tried the following. Tried to attach the wires from the Go controller directly to the terminals on my wall console (@calebcall, yes it is a lighted console with motion detector), and that didn’t work.

I will try the option of getting a remote soldered with leads and connection to the Go controller next.

Having same issue with Chamberlain pd762ev… wired correctly but just beeps and flashes. Did you ever fix it?

Same issue here. Just beeps and blinks. Please respond if anyone figured out how to get this to work. Thanks!

I did get it to work by following the approach others have talked about. I wired an actual garage opener to the Linear device to make it work. It works, but has not been very consistent for me and therefore is not really useful, since I have had situations where it beeps and won’t open/close, phantom openings and closings and also some false messages about the garage door having been opened.