Linear Garage Controller install

Hey guys,

I’m trying to install the Linear z-wave garage door opener. I can get it to include and the sensor tells me when th door is open or closed. When I try to open or close it from the app it beeps like it should but does not respond. I’m assuming it is a wiring issue but I’ve tried everything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is a picture of my wiring.

what kind of opener do you have? A lot of newer ones (usually the wall mount unit will have a digital display) use a digital signal to trigger the opener so the Linear will not work directly with it. If you are like me, I have a Chamberlin MyQ opener, I had to crack open one of my car openers and solder the connectors to use a Linear

Damn. I have a lift master myq enabled. It’s brand new. That really sucks

My wall mount isn’t digital though

its myQ I almost assure you it wont work. That being said there is a DH and App to intigrate it into ST.

I’m actually not using the myq integration. My garage door opener has the capability but I do not want to purchase another hub. I’m trying to install the linear garage door kit.

Try moving the wire in the black input the the left white input.

Thanks. I did try. The opener clicks but the door doesn’t open or close

If you have ST you don’t need another hub to use it

Darn. Linear probably won’t work then.

You need an Internet gateway to use the actual MyQ service. Mine only came myq capable. Unfortunately my lift master is one of the few openers that Linear does not work with.