Linear GD00Z-4 garage door opener not opening or closing

The subject pretty much says it all. I installed this back in Nov. 2015 and it worked great until a couple weeks ago. The tilt sensor still works fine and when I attempt to open or close the device receives the command fine and even triggers the beeping noise it does for five seconds before opening or closing, but then it never actually does anything. The only other oddity is that the flashing light no longer works either and that failed at the same time as far as I can tell.

Since it is out of warranty, does anyone have any suggestions that I could try before I buy a new one?

Also, if I end up having to buy something new, is there a different device anyone would recommend? My needs are simple–must work with SmartThings and must open and close my door. I prefer wired to wireless as I figured it would be more foolproof, but look at me now!


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Did you check the leads going to the opener? Are they closing the circuit after the beeps?

Just did, stays wide open.

There’s a service outage today, the timing sounds like you might be affected, although of course it could be something altogether different.

In any case, you may not be able to do any testing today.

Mine’s been broken for several weeks, but thanks for the heads up as I’m playing with it now. It has the smell of “something burnt up” so I think I’m just going to be buying a new one.

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Sounds like it’s Toast. Replacement would be best.
Hoping my 2 units last longer than year & 1/2. Had mine now for only about 8 months. Luckily they don’t get used every day so hoping that extends their longevity

I had similar issue, just stopped one day. I ended up excluding and re pairing it to the ST Hub, Including the tilt sensor. It took some effort to do but it worked. I don’t know how many apps you have, but I was at the “replace it” point anyway so I had nothing to lose. I also replaced the battery in the tilt sensor. There is a button on the side to reset it. This link will take you to the manual I followed it exactly- listen for the beeps