Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener status is "Unknown"

I’m not sure if it is related, but I migrated to the new app last week and the “Door Control” portion of this device is showing “Unknown” status. The tilt sensor seems to work most of the time, though sometimes it thinks the door is open when it isn’t, which triggers my old Core piston to notify me when open for 10 minutes. Regardless, I think it was normal for a bit after the migration but I’m not positive. It will still let me open/close via the new SmartThings app, it just reports “Unknown” all the time.

I performed a Z-Wave repair to no avail. Also, I logged into the IDE and noticed this for the current states section:

contact: closed
checkInterval: 1920 s
door: unknown
door: unknown

Is it normal to have “door” listed twice? Any other thoughts before I go down the support route?

When was the last time you replaced the battery in the door tilt sensor? This is a symptom of a low battery.

Ha, yeah, I came back here to update this post that I swapped it out and all is well. The timing was just too suspect and I’m still confused as to why it was always more or less able to show the current open/close state, but I guess in hindsight it was a bit sporadic at that. If only battery monitoring worked at all with SmartThings…

Yeah, this seems to be a “feature” of the transition to the new app…

Funny enough, I got my first battery notification in at least two or three years for a motion sensor. 1% battery left. Of course, i just used my last one on another sensor. Three batteries in a day…