Linear GD00Z-4 Does not accept any commands after the first one

I can use the GD00Z-4 to OPEN the garage door using SmartThings. The garage door shows correctly as OPEN.

When I send commands to it, I can see SmartThings is sending them but nothing happens even after 10-15 minutes. I have to use the garage door opener I have in my car to close the garage again. The garage door opener on the wall will not work either.

Bring your hub closer and try it out (you may have to repair it). If that fixes the issue add a z-wave repeater between your device and the hub.

I had a similar problem. Moving the hub, or plug in another z-wave device to act as a repeater really helped the reliability of the garage controller. Another thing I did was shorten the wire that connects from the gd00z to the garage opener. For some reason the extra length cause reliability problems for me.