GD00Z-4 Garage Door Opener Issue

I hope someone can help me with this issue. I just purchased a GD00Z-4 Z-Wave garage door opener and have no issue connecting it to the SmartThings V2 hub and it shows the open\closed status correctly. After i manually open and close the garage door a couple of time to calibrate I use the Open option on my app and it beeps 5 times and opens. I wait one minute and use the close button and nothing happens. I have to power cycle the GD00Z-4 to be able to use the Close or Open button again on my phone. It will work once again and then stops.

I tried resetting the device (pushing button 5 times on GD00Z-4), i tried resetting the tilt sensor (pushing button 7 seconds on GD00Z-4). I tried pairing the device GD00Z-4 right next to the hub. All without luck. It still reads the open\close correctly but i can only open or close the door once after that i have to power cycle the GD00Z-4.

Does anyone have thoughts on what i am missing?

just guessing but with only a one-minute delay between cycles, it may assume that the door is having a mechanical problem and then GD00Z-4 locks itself out to prevent short-cycling with presumably faulty door opener.

Try waiting 5 minutes between tests.

Thank you Eric. I will give this a try tonight and let you know if that solved the issue.

There is an intentional delay between actions imposed by the device.

I think the delay between actions is only 30 seconds. If the door does not open or close correctly more than one time it will go into lockout mode, you need to use the wall button or remote control to open/close the door before the GD00Z-4 will work again.

I somewhat had the same problem, the replaced device handler seemed to fix this for me.

Here is a post I made walking through changing out the device handler might be worth a shot. Try following along the device handler section.

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Thanks everyone for the advise. I had Amazon sent me a replacement and that one is working correctly. So i had a defect unit.

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