GD00Z-4 Not working at all

I am trying to get a Linear GD00Z-4 installed.
It paired just fine but the status remains “Unknown” and open and close buttons do nothing.

I found this thread which says it should work but that automation does not. I can’t even get manual working.

I am not sure how to debug the issue.

I tried both the standard Garage Door Opener device type and this device type manually installed via the ide.

But neither works.

In the ide the current status is “Unknown” same as app.
Status say “ACTIVE” so not sure if that means it is still talking to the hub.
Data Says No data for device.

I know the GD00Z works because I am removing it from a veralite (unpaired) to my smartthings hub.

Any help would be appreciated.

I had occasional issues 2 or 3 times. Been ok for months now.

Suggestion turn power to GD00Z off for 30 seconds. Power on. Open and close door via manual garage door switch to reset GD00Z open/close sensor status. Then fresh start SmartThings and try again.


Thanks, I just deleted it and re-added it. Having to uninstall it and bring it to the hub again :smile:

It worked until I unplugged it. Then it stopped working again. This time I just plugged it right back in so I don’t have to install/uninstall it again.

Then I figured it out. You need to have it send a signal after power goes out. So a manual open/close of the door (in my case a tilt of the sensor which I have on the table next to me) makes the smart hub start working again.

When it goes to an unknown status I can’t open it with a push of the button. It requires a manual open or close to get it working again.

I would think a refresh should fix this but it does not. I then assumed my issue was that I was powering off the Linear but not the hub. So I tried to simulate a power outage. I disconnected both the hub and the linear. Again the hub comes online and doesn’t know the status of the linear, but as soon as I tip the door sensor the hub almost immediately changes to correct status and now everything works.

What bothers me about this is that after a power outage I will lose control of the door until I open or close it manually. I can probably live with this but would like to fix it. I could add another switch to the door to open it via that switch but that seems like a waste. If I can’t fix I may take this approach.

This is using the modified device from @garyd9.

I think the device needs two fixes but no clue how to do it.

  1. When the devices come online they should connect. They currently do not. Perhaps the Linear has a setting to poll. (Maybe I am just not waiting long enough for it to come online. I am testing now with it in an unknown state to see if it comes online after a while.
  2. I wonder why “Refresh” doesn’t fix this. Shouldn’t that send some signal to the Linear and then they should be connected again ?

I was having a problem with my veralite losing connection also but I never tracked it to power outage. This is because the veralite shows a “Open” status when is really unknow. That was so annoying. I always thought it was open when it wasn’t. However the veralite would work as soon as I sent an open. Perhaps this device code is just preventing an open/close when the status is “unknown”. If so I might be able to fix that. I will be checking the code to see if I can figure that out.

@Dlee how does your unit work on power outage ? Does the door reconnect ? If so how quickly ?

Glad you got it working. Yes, you usually do need to raise/lower the garage door using the normal button before the z-wave opener starts working. This is a shortcoming of the linear unit, and not ST. I think it might just be a matter of the tilt sensor having to somehow calibrate itself.

I’ve never tried cutting power to the GD00Z, restoring it, and seeing how long it takes for things to work again. If you try that, please let us all know the results. (I’d hope, at least using the device type from me that includes polling, it would figure out the proper status within 15 minutes.)

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It does not reconnect after 1hr. However again after a manual tip of the sensor it connects immediately.

So after a power outage the device is unusable until you open/close the garage manually.

If this is a fault of the Linear it is a pretty big fault. That is unfortunate. If it is in fact the linear then the only solution I can think of is to add a second z-wave momentary switch on the garage so I can remotely open/close the door and get them talking again.

At least the ST hub displays “Unknown” so you know you need to mitigate. Vera just said open and I hated that.

Is there a way to log any signal that the Linear sends so I can see if the Linear/ST talk after a power outage ? I think I remember a setting on the vera for how often you want the device to me polled but that might just be an automated “refresh” which doesn’t work after a power disconnect anyway.

BTW: Love the responsiveness of this community. I am loving the ST so far.

Go to (I know you’ve been there already if your using my enhanced device type.) Jump to the “live logging” page. EVERYTHING coming from the garage door opener will show a “debug” line there in the form of:

“actual z-wave data” parsed to {bunch of ST maps and data}"

For example:

That shows the source z-wave data (zw device: 0E, command: 9881, payload: 00 66 03 FE), along with how it’s interpreted by the smartthings device type.

Take care

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Thanks, very interesting. When the device has been powered off it’s polling responds with “Unknown” status. I guess the tilt sensor on the door is only one way sending status only when it changes. That makes sense since it runs on a watch battery.

These are the messages sent once the unit is no longer working.

When power is restored it sends one state changed true

65907342-5b7e-4d81-b37e-52dca1920ef2 4:13:47 PM: debug "zw device: 04, command: 9881, payload: 00 66 03 FD " parsed to [[‘name’:‘door’, ‘descriptionText’:Garage Door door state is unknown, ‘value’:‘unknown’, ‘isStateChange’:true, ‘displayed’:true, ‘linkText’:‘Garage Door’]]
65907342-5b7e-4d81-b37e-52dca1920ef2 4:13:47 PM: debug encapsulated: BarrierOperatorReport(barrierState: 253)

Then it polls with no state changes but still “unknown”

65907342-5b7e-4d81-b37e-52dca1920ef2 4:25:57 PM: debug "zw device: 04, command: 9881, payload: 00 66 03 FD " parsed to [[‘name’:‘door’, ‘descriptionText’:Garage Door door state is unknown, ‘value’:‘unknown’, ‘isStateChange’:false, ‘displayed’:false, ‘linkText’:‘Garage Door’]]
65907342-5b7e-4d81-b37e-52dca1920ef2 4:25:57 PM: debug encapsulated: BarrierOperatorReport(barrierState: 253)
65907342-5b7e-4d81-b37e-52dca1920ef2 4:19:27 PM: debug "zw device: 04, command: 9881, payload: 00 66 03 FD " parsed to [[‘name’:‘door’, ‘descriptionText’:Garage Door door state is unknown, ‘value’:‘unknown’, ‘isStateChange’:false, ‘displayed’:false, ‘linkText’:‘Garage Door’]]
65907342-5b7e-4d81-b37e-52dca1920ef2 4:19:27 PM: debug encapsulated: BarrierOperatorReport(barrierState: 253)


I don’t think the tilt sensor portion of the device “talks” directly to the ST hub. I believe that the tilt sensor talks to the main GD00Z device (the part that is powered from the wall wart), and the main GD00Z device is what talks to the ST hub.

I’m going to take some wild guesses in trying to “decode” the actual data coming from the device. (it’s not documented, so all I can do it take guesses.)

00 66 is probably a “barrier operator” command
03 probably means "report"
and FD (hex) is the contents of the report (0xFD == 253 decimal)

I don’t know what 253 is, but it seems to be “BARRIER_STATE_UNKNOWN_POSITION_STOPPED”

I think the only real problem is that the tilt sensor is either not reporting it’s position, or is reporting it as “unknown” to the main unit. I’m not sure which. I also don’t know how my own device reacts in the same situation (loss and restore of power.) I’m unable to check, as I can’t get to the plug for the GD00Z unit right now.

It’s possible that the tilt sensor just needs an “up/down” cycle so it knows what axis is what. (The problem with that guess is that the tilt sensor never loses power… only the main unit does.) Of course, I have no idea what the tilt sensor reports to the main unit.

(I suppose I could go kill power for my entire garage/lower level, but that would really piss off my kids who are watching TV on the same circuit.)

I knew the tilt sensor only talks to the unit. But I think it only talks when it’s state changes. I don’t think it sends constant state signals. I suspect it only sends state when it switches. Which is why once the power is cycled (I use my breaker box to do this) the unit will not know the state until the tilt sensor is shifted…manual door open/close.)

However I don’t understand why open/close requests are ignored until the unit knows it’s position. I suspect it is because open/close are NOT discreet it is just a toggle. So when it receives an open request it doesn’t know how to respond…ignore it because already open or issue button press because it is closed. So it chooses to do nothing. It instead it just pressed the toggle the door would either open or close, the correct state would be issues and the door could then fix itself or at least your correct status would be known and you could manually issue another command.

Really what they needed was a two way tilt sensor which accepted poll requests but that would likely drain batteries like crazy. So their solution makes sense.

I think my only option is as I described. Add a simple zwave momentary switch to my garage (assuming they exist) so in the event of a power outage I can press that toggle, wait for the door to report correctly and respond as I wish.

Anyway thanks for the feedback and help. I just sent you a private message with a bunch of developer questions about how to debug, add logging messages and display them etc…just learning this stuff so any guidance is appreciated.

The GD00Z only sends a momentary contact to the garage door opener. It’s the same as pressing a “dumb” button. I guess I really don’t have a problem with it, as I only really use the GD00Z to close the garage door after I’ve recently opened it. (I drive away and forget to close it… that type of thing.)

95% of the time, I open the garage door from the wall switch (when I’m leaving in the morning) or via the remote in my car (when I come home in the evening.)

I’ll try to remember tomorrow morning to test my unit after a power loss… (I also want to check that wall wart… if it’s a common voltage and low enough amperage, I might be able to wire a simple battery backup for it.)

Good idea to provide a battery backup for it. Why didn’t they think of that !

If you figure out how to do that let me know. That would be a much better solution then a momentary switch added to the garage. I haven’t been able to find such a switch so far.

I am not a hardware guy but if you send the specs to make a backup I will give a shot :smile:

My uninformed guess is that this … calibration … was required as part of the UL certification.

For future readers having trouble with the device, or any others. Read the manuals. This step is noted.

Hmmm. I did read the manual. Can you tell me where it says that after a power outage the device will stop responding ? I just re-read the entire 10 page instructions and see nothing even close to explaining this issue. Perhaps I missed it. What page is that on ? I have the GD00Z-4 perhaps you have an older model which includes such information.

FYI, I just turned off the breaker to my garage for a minute and reset it. I get the “unknown” status in ST. I tried to play around with the direct “open” and “close” buttons in ST (instead of just toggling), but it didn’t help. I had to at least raise the garage door from the wall switch before ST would see the actual status.

As for manuals, mine is the -1 version (lowes iris) and had no book at all… just a folded sheet of paper with install instructions.

(Those instructions were very similar to this: )


Yea that is the instructions I was talking about also. It is has 10 pages number 1-10 on one two sided sheet of paper.

I thought of a easy solution with a nice side effect. Why not just buy a low cost UPS. Smaller ones go for under $40, then I can put both this device and the garage door opener itself on the ups. No I can open my garage during a power outage and this device will never lose power.

I plan to see how often this issue occurs and if it really bothers me. If it does then I will perhaps just add the UPS.

I’d imagine that the motor for the actual garage door opener would be a huge drain on a UPS. Be careful to check the max drain of that before shopping for a UPS…’

Edit: I’m not worried so much about the UPS battery capacity, but the actual wattage being pulled through the UPS in a small amount of time.

Good point might need a more powerful (expensive) version. Maybe just use it for the GD00Z then :smile: Out outages are usually only for a few seconds anyway. I was thinking it wouldn’t be much drain but the door is heavy and probably does need significant juice to opened. That explains why my google searches for Garage Door plugged into UPS came up empty :smile:

@garyd9 I keep getting false “opening” reports from my GD00Z. Does your’s do that. It is currently in a “opening state” and has been for about 30min. I have had three of these false reports so far.

It is becoming clear to me that a camera in my Garage would be a better option. This thing has too many bugs. Loses state and disables if there is a power outage. Reports false state. etc… For a $100 item which is really simple it is pretty buggy.

I don’t have that problem at all. Not sure what to suggest…

I am considering modify the code to ignore the “Opening” and “Closing” states. When actually opening and closing they are always replaced with OPEN or CLOSED after a few seconds. When false reporting they look like “On” and makes my alert after 30min open trigger.

I just had a false trigger “opening” for 30min and then it cleared right back to “Closed”. I have seen it several times in my logs.

How long is your trigger to be notified. I could try increasing it to 1hour or something like that also.