Linear Garage Door GD00Z-1 Failure

I have 2 Linear GDZ00Z-1 openers on doors in my garage. They have worked well until about 3 months ago. Neither will respond, nor show up in the IDE. They are about 20 ft from the hub (v1) and 6 ft from a smart plug that never loses contact. I have moved them to within 3 ft of the hub, repaired the z-wave network, rebooted the hub, and they refuse to show up. I can’t device exclude them because they don’t appear, and a general device exclusion doesn’t work (or seem to) either. About 2 months ago I got them to general exclude by trying multiple times then re-add, but they both dropped out of sight after about 2 weeks, never to appear again, no matter what I do. Are they toast? Any ideas? All thoughts greatly appreciated.

Try resetting them by unplugging and replugging their power cords. I had a similar problem after about a year and a half of flawless operation of my opener and resetting it corrected the issue.

Thank you for your reply. I neglected to say that I have done that several times, leaving the units unplugged for about 20 minutes while I located them closer to the hub. Unfortunately, they didn’t respond. I do appreciate your help.

My bad. I misread your post and thought you moved the hub rather than the openers.

Try the following in this order

  1. Reset the device
  2. Exclude the device (general exclusion)
  3. Reboot the hub
  4. Change device antenna direction (rotate the mounting angle)
  5. Try to pair it

How long have they been in service?

Thanks to RBoy and TonyFleisher for responding. I have done what RBoy has suggested several times, assuming resetting the device means unplugging-waiting–replugging. The devices have been moved to within 4 ft. of the hub (v1). They will not respond to a general exclusion in any way, nor do they respond to a pairing attempt. They are both about 4 years old, bought at Lowes.