Linear ZWave Garage Door Drop off

I’ve had the Linear zWave Iris Garage Door openers for 3 months and for the second time, one of them has become completely unresponsive. The very first time this happened, I removed the device and repaired it. However, now that this has happened a second time, I am a bit concerned and want to understand why this is happening again. I have another garage door unit right next to it that has functioned perfect for 3 months. I also have a generally healthy zWave network with no other issues. When I try to run ZWave repair, I get a failure randomly on any device, but this is nothing new and have always had this behavior. I rebooted the device and also tried to do a ZWave replace and I get that the device it already healthy and doesn’t need to be replaced. I have no desire to force delete/exclude it and re-do all of my smartapps. Anyone have any suggestions first?

Am I the only me that has this? I have two of them and randomly every couple of months I have to exclude and add one of them back again. The zwave replace function doesn’t work, nor neither does a zwave hub repair. It’s very annoying as it takes me about an hour to configure all of my smart apps, pistons, etc.

FWIW, I have other zwave devices in my garage without these issues. I use @RBoy’s device handler.

I’ve seen the same issue. Reported it to ST support.
I did comment on this on a another thread also. Likely in my case it was a power fluctuation which caused the issue. My solution was simple to unplug and replug the device and the open close the garage door manually once.
However the long term solution was to get a UPS installed on the unit. Small one from Amazon.

If I find that post link I’ll post it here also.

Interesting. I did try rebooting the device but never opened it up manually. Next time this happens, I will try this out. Do you think another DH will fix this issue? Or is this specific to the hardware with ST?

This specific issue is a device issue. Its very sensitive to power line fluctuations which causes it to get messed up.

Ok thanks. I don’t have room for a UPS up there so I’ll just deal with it. I wouldn’t spend money on it either.

I wouldn’t mind if your idea works but re-pairing it is a pain.

Btw what do you mean reply the device?

Typo *replug

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@RBoy I have a new issue I am experiencing with one of my garage doors. Every once in awhile, I get a false alert that it’s opening. I’ve always rebooted it and manually opened and closed it but it’s still happening. Have you seen this behavior before?

Yes we’ve seen this and it’s typically due to power line fluctuations.

Do you think a surge protector would help?

Could help, never tried. We just mounted a mini UPS in the wall outlet but I think a surge might help even it out. Try it out and share your feedback.

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Ok, I’ve put the Linear and opener on on a surge. I am going to do the same for my other garage opener as well. Ironically once again the problem happened with my other garage door where it dropped offline. A re-power up of garage door and linear unit and then a manual open/close did not fix the issue. I hate these devices! I never had these issues with Myq.

I can confirm that the surge protector does not help this issue as it happened again on one of my doors.

I have the Iris branded ones. I wonder if the Linear branded ones suffer from the same issue?

I have finally solved this issue and wanted to share the solution with folks. I have two identical garage door openers (Liftmaster Formula II) and originally I bought two of the Lowe’s Iris branded Zwave garage door openers. Every other month, one of them would lose their connectivity and I would have to repair them and reconfigure the smartapps that went along with it.

I decided to swap out one (left the other) of the Iris branded openers for a Linear one from Amazon and I’ve had had a good 4 months of no issues. I’m guessing two openers right next to each other of identical hardware caused some sort of condition that the ST hub didn’t like…even though they are identical hardware there must be something different about them somewhere…

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It’s likely the antenna alignment, these things are sensitive to the way it’s positioned, evening turning it 10-20 degrees makes a difference, I guess swapping them and reinstalling them changed the position enough for the signals to be more reliable.

I don’t think it’s the positioning since when I tried to repair, I always had to take it down and bring it closer to hub.

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