Linear FS20Z-1 Relay for garage opener Failed after 4.5 yrs

This one was a little strange and probably the first zwave device to die on me. A few days ago my garage wouldn’t open anymore which I assumed had to do with the SmartApp turning off/on too fast since I had it setup as a virtual momentary switch. Today I kept hearing this constant clicking noise. I tried removing everything from the relay and just having power to the relay with no control wired up I still hear a constant high frequency clicking noise when I try to manually engage it using the button.

I’ll do some searching for another device but has anyone else had this issue?
Whats a recommended alternative? I can’t find these on sale anymore.


The warranty is for one year, so a lifetime of four times that is pretty good.

As I’ve mentioned before, I now budget all my home automation devices expecting to replace them in three years. Anything after that is gravy. :sunglasses:

I had I think the same device but branded as evolve. It lasted around 4 years also.

I replaced it with a qubino dry contact relay.

It costed way more than I wanted to spend. But it is zwave plus and I was able to wire it exactly in place of the failed evolve.

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Most of my switches and sensors are fine but, I would expect more like 5 - 10 years. This one didn’t get used that much, since I have a typical garage door opener that we normally use which is why I’m surprised that it failed but it might have been heat in the garage or some electrical issue who knows.

I found the fs20z rebranded as NuTone going for $50 but that Qubino is around the same price. I might get the Qubino thanks for the recommendation!