Fs20z-1 replacement for automating garage?

So I’ve been using a Linear FS20Z-1 connected to a garage door opener to automate my garage for a few years now. It has worked great. But the device has recently failed. I’m having a real hard time trying to find a replacement for it. They aren’t made anymore, nor are the other brands that eventually had the same device (gocontrol, nutone, etc). Anyone have any ideas? I’m trying to avoid going with the current gocontrol garage door product or the myq option simply because of this crazy loud beeping they make when closing the garage. I know that’s a safety feature, but my garage is directly under my new born’s room & I’m worried about the volume of the beeping (the garage door opener itself is pretty loud in that room). So basically I’m trying to find a zwave intermittent switch or momentary switch so it can trigger the opener. Any thoughts?