Linear 852


I’m totally new to Smartthings and am trying to figure out how I use my Smartthings Hub (v3) to manage my Linear 852 garage door openers. They are wifi-enabled and are working well with the Linear Pro Access app. They say they are IFTTT, Alex, Google, etc. enabled.

They don’t show up on the Smartthings hub.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

That device is not directly compatible with smartthings. (There is a different linear model that uses Zwave which can be used directly. )

because the 852 does have an IFTTT channel, as long as you have their pro bridge device as well, you can get indirect access that way.

However, most people using SmartThings would prefer to use the direct integration model because you won’t be able to query the 852 through smartthings to see whether it is open or closed. So you can issue a command from SmartThings, but you would have to switch over to the Linear app to see whether it executed.