Garage Doors for Linear Controller

I’m in need of a new garage door, but I want it to be compatible with the Linear controller I have. I know none of the MyQ technology works, but am I safe in assume that any Linear opener will work with their controller?

Chamberlain also makes a wifi opener, but I don’t see it supported by SmartThings so I suspect that isn’t possible (but it’s amazing how hard it is to find anyone who sells the Linear and also installs it).

The linear garage door controller needs an opener that allows a wired button to control the motor. It uses the same connection that one of those wall mounted wired openers would use.

I have an Iris Linear controller connected to my Chamberlain opener and it works great so far. Picked it up for 20 bucks on clearance at a local Lowes, so even better.

The newer MyQ openers will not work with the Linear device. There’s a pdf on their website of incompatible models.

Yeah, it’s a pretty simple determination, since all the MyQ stuff is wireless (and thus no wired ports to actually control the motor).

I ended up getting a nice Linear belt-drive one that works fine with the Linear controller.