Limited Notification options in SmartThings

Is there anyway to send SMS to more than one number when an alert happens in either routines or smartapps?

Also does ST really not support email notification? Amazing really that this wasn’t present at launch never mind today. When are we going to get this addded?

If the answer is no to both of these can you do this via CoRE?

Multiple SMS numbers and emails are available in ST in general and in CoRE in particular too.

Also, see this topic for setting up a contact book which allows easy selection of multiple recipients and notification methods.

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Fantastic, from what i’ve been reading it didn’t sound like email was in yet.

So i’ve got some SmartApps setup, notify me when, door knocker but I can’t see where you would add multiple telephone numbers when setting up SMS notification.

Where is the email option hidden, i’m not seeing this anywhere?

I’m not seeing My Contacts listed in my app, even briefly. I saw posts about people saying it’s buggy and others saying its not available in uk.

It may indeed not be available in the UK, but the implementation method (other than ‘catching’ it as described in the early posts in the linked thread) is detailed farther down in later posts. I’ve pasted it here:

It seems to work well for me.

OK i’ve followed the instructions and added a contact in my address book, seemed to work ok although i’m not seeing any difference on my iPhone app?

Is this necessary to enable me to sms multiple contacts and email? How does enabling My Contacts help, does it add additional fields into the smartapps I mentioned? How do I email alerts?


In my case, adding the Contact Book added the flexibility to send SMS and emails to those listed thre (both none, mixtures) in the following applications

  • CoRE (any piston written to send out notifications)
  • Battery Check App
  • Door Lock Apps
  • Device monitor

Other apps can use this capability but those are the ones I’m using that include notifications.

Where are you looking for the ability to send notifications?

I want some alerts to go to more than person, hence the need to specify more than one number. Email would be very useful indeed as it opens up all sorts of possibilities that you don’t get from an sms message.

Thanks for taking a look Lee but it doesn’t look like it’s going to help me send multi sms or email in my SmartApps. I still find it amazing email isn’t baked into SmartThings.

I wondered if I could somehow append a second number to the field, I’ll give this a go and see what happens. This would be great if it works in SmartApps.

What??? I wish i’d known this before I “enabled” address book. Thing is I don’t know if i’ve enabled it or not. I just went to the link Lee posted above and added a contact. Does simply adding a contact enable it? If so how do I disable it?

Thanks Lee, if the * trick works would be a nice find.

It really shouldn’t be this involved to just send an email message. A platform like SmartThings should have had this built in from the beginning and the fact its not been added since is pretty bad imo.

Thanks again Robin.

I’ve read that, but I’ve also seen where others are using it without issue and therefore say it’s not true. Personally, I don’t use SHM at all so it’s not an issue for me

As I said to Robin above, I don’t know for sure but I’m not sure this is true (that enabling the Contact Book disables SHM notification)…

You can send SMS to as many phone numbers as you want. Simply separate each one with a semi-colon . ( That is how it works in Android anyways. Only Apples around here are on trees in back yard )