Send SMS to multiple numbers?

I’m using the notify me when SmartApp and want to send SMS notification to 2 numbers. Someone said I can put a * inbetween the 2 numbers but this isn’t working for me.

Maybe I don’t need the +44 twice or there’s another format I should use?

This is an example of the way I’ve typed it into the app (not real telephone num)


How do I send notification to more than 1 number?


Not sure it’s possible, there’s a couple of threads talking about sms to multiple phones.

Have a read of this thread:

  • is not working for me Robin. Are you using the same format as myself, adding +44 before both sets of numbers?

I saw the ; suggestion but you don’t get the option to add characters like this. When you enter the number it brings up the “telephone” keypad which just gives you numbers, * and a couple of other symbols.

I will try the CoRE method then. You don’t have to go far into the app to come across it’s weaknesses\shortcomings do you?

I wanted to be notified when everyone had left the house and have notification sent to two numbers, both very basic things that it should be able to cope with easily yet can’t be done unless you download and use CoRE.

CoRE is fine for more technically minded folk but might be too much for everyday people. Makes you wonder if Samsung want this to go mainstream.

CoRE might seem a little daunting at first but trust me it will fast become an essential part of your ST experience. IT’s not as complex as you think and to date I’m yet to find a use can that it can’t accommodate.

Good luck.

Absolutely Paul. I’ve only just glanced at it so far but I can see the potential.

I think some of the simpler things like the examples I gave above should be available natively though without the need for the third-party apps though.

Although using CoRE might not too difficult to use installing it can seem daunting. Just reading the instructions about github, ide’s etc would be a turn off for most “normal” people. It seemed very complicated to me at first and it wasn’t until after a bit of research that I realised I didn’t even need to follow all the steps.

Hopefully CoRE will become more integrated in the future and this won’t be necessary.

I’ve also heard that CoRE is slower than native apps like the “notify me when” app and doesn’t work when internet access is down. So its either having a very powerful app that’s a bit slower and less resilient or a less powerful app which is faster and more resilient.

It would be nice not to have to make these compromises in the future.

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All agreed.

There’s a thread from the developer of CoRE, I believe he’s looking at a HTML 5 implementation which will make the whole experience better.

Just wanted to confirm that there is no way to send an SMS to multiple numbers from within the Notify Me When SmartApp. Using * between numbers is specific to CoRE.


I am brand new to SmartThings, but here is what I did: Created a separate Custom App for each phone number. Each is exactly the same type (open for x minutes), using the same sensor but with different phone numbers (and slightly personalized messages).

So if our freezer door is open more than a couple of minutes all members of the household will get a text.

Not as elegant a solution as putting multiple numbers in one App, but it is simple and does the job!

Perhaps I’ll look into that sometime but I am betting it will take longer to read/learn/program in webCoRE than the 2 minutes it took me to make 2 duplicate SmartApps.

Try putting a comma in between the numbers. It works for me in US