Is there a limit to the quantity of SMS sent via smartthings?

I’ve just connected a driveway alarm to my smartthings and got it to text me as my Huawei phone doesn’t process push notifications very well

As I’m perfecting the position I’m getting hundreds of messages, is there a maximum?

I thought SMS was a coated thing to send so wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a limit?

Like everything in ST there are limits to number of SMS and push notifications that can be sent per minute.

For SMS its:

Limit If exceeded
15 SMS messages per number, per 60 seconds No additional SMS messages will be sent until the next minute.

This limit applies per number , not per SmartApp or user.


thanks very much! very pleased to hear there are no costs

Sorry to jump in here, but this is the closest I think I’ll come to an answer to my question elsewhere on the forum. How do I even setup SMS notifications on the app? It must be easy, but I don’t see an option in the settings for SHM. It only gives push option, but even disabling that doesn’t bring up an SMS option. Any answer you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks

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Each app has to be built to support sending SMS (or push notifications or any other type of notification). SmartThings by default (and most apps) send an SMS to only a single number. SHM is different for the new and classic app. In the classic app you can set a single phone number to send a text message. The new app SHM is different and much more basic.

Some apps have extended the ability to send SMS to multiple numbers. For example [RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Support for Lights and Taking Pictures with a Camera is a security SmartApp to replace SHM which allows you send text messages to multiple numbers.

I don’t use SHM (I am assuming that means Smart home manager) I use a smartapp on the classic smartthings android app which looks like the below, further down is an entry for phone number to send an SMS to