Newbie - Need Guidance - thermostat control and other questions

I am new to SmartThings, had it up and running for about two weeks now. I have 4 Z-Wave thermostats, 4 locks, an in wall dimmer, and an appliance module…working pretty well.

I’m using the Smart Lighting app to control some outdoor lighting to my satisfaction, but I’d like to branch out and implement some ideas I have, just not entirely sure the best way to do it.

For example, when SmartThings detects no one is home (our cell phones have both left the vicinity) I’d like:

  1. One thermostat to adjust its temp, and I’d like the other three to turn off completely.

  2. When we return, I’d love for the thermostat that was left on to return to the setpoint that it was set to before we left…(which isn’t always the same temp - depending on the day, mood, etc).

  3. If the thermostat in my office is in heat/cool, or auto, and just I leave, I want that one to switch mode to off.

Other questions:
The tiles for my thermostats have sliding bars to adjust the temps when I want to manipulate one manually, which is quite cumbersome and hard to nail the right temp… possible to use buttons or something like I see here?

Is it possible somehow to set the time on my thermostats via SmartThings? They are Trane TZEMT400BB3NX.

My ZWave locks seem to loose their connectivity to the hub when I replaced the batteries. Is this to be expected?

Thank you!

This all can be done using CoRE Pistons.

You can easily do that with ST home and away routines.

I do not see how, as I do not see any way to change the thermostat mode with a routine, only the temperature. Additionally, it seems quite cumbersome as I would need a minimum of 4 routines (one per thermostat). I do not see any way to return a thermostat to a previous setpoint either, only a specific setpoint.

You can select as many ( compatible ) thermostats as you want in a routine.