Xiaomi temp sensor

Hi all,

Could someone help me, I would like to turn a heater (connected to a wemo plug) on when the temperature in a room drops below a certain temp and I am home. I can’t see a criteria in the “automatically perform” section in the app that would do this? What do I need to do?


The best way to do this is Webcore.

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Kinda depends on your definition of “best,” but personally I would just use the “virtual thermostat” smartapp. It does exactly what OP is trying to achieve and it can be easily added and configured from the marketplace tab in the mobile app.

If someone is looking to get into webcore anyway, for more complex automations, then sure, webcore can accomplish this task too.

But otherwise it’s a bit like using a rocket launcher in place of a fly swatter :sunglasses:.


Perfect, thanks Mark.

Thanks for the advice Hafo, but I can’t code, yet. Maybe you could advise where would be a good place to start learning?

Hi Hafo,
I’ve just watched a couple of webCoRE videos and this is just what I need. Thanks for directing me here.