Trying to set up some simple heating and lighting scenarios

Hello All,

I have a v2 Smart Things hub, some cree connected bulbs, a GoControl Tstat, and Google Home. I’m trying to do some things that the mobile app doesn’t seem to do, like set a range of hours for certain routines.

For instance: I want the front room lights to come on with presence indication, but only after dusk. Seems I can run the routing at dusk or with presence, but it doesn’t seem like you can have both.

The GoControl Tstat is connected and added to the hub, and works. I want to put some more complex programming into it-heat temp XX after TT time, (say 65 after 5PM), but then I want to shift gears and reduce the temp after a different time, but only with presence. I have loaded ‘My CT100 Thermostat’ device handle, but I’m missing the connection on how to put devices, device handlers, and routines/smart apps all together.

So I guess I need some training wheels, here.

The short answer is that core can do everything you want and more. :sunglasses:

There are a number of different ways to do each individual piece, but really at this point it’s simplest just to start with core. There are many community members who will be glad to help you get things set up.

I know…I have CoRE installed. I just don’t know what to do with it now. lol

I am an OpenSource platform engineer, but I work at the platform level, and not the developer level, so some of this is lost on me at the moment.

Just ask your question in the core peer assistance thread and people will be glad to help you with the specifics. You can just post to the end of that thread.

I’ve gotten a piston for the IF:

IF time is after 1700PST,
THEN set heating setpoint to 65

But I’m looking for a BUT conditional, as I want several distinct setpoints: daytime, night time, sleeptime, etc.

I’ll keep trawling over the other threads.


Just ask in the peer assistance thread, that’s where the core experts hang out. They’ll be glad to give you a sample piston to solve the specific use case you’re trying to solve as well as explain any questions you have about it.


The issue is that I had added CoRE from git, but had not added it to my phone app. I’ve got things working for now.


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