Lights turning off randomly

(noah) #1

I have two GE 3 way switches in my living room and kitchen. In the last 2 days both the smartthings app have become extremely laggy and unstable and now my lights are turning off intermittently. I feel like I am losing my mind right now because they won’t stay on. I honestly have no idea what is going on with them. There is nothing set to control them automatically.

(Acastal) #2

Check the activity log to see if you can see what, if any, app turned them off. This has happened to me a few times and looking at the log showed me the app and I made changes there.

(noah) #3

There is nothing listed it simply says “logid# 9:11:25 PM: debug Parse returned [Kitchen was turned off]”

(Greyson Morrow) #4

Do you have geofence enabled. If your phone leaves the geofence area to turn lights off? If so try enabling your WiFi on your phone and connect to your WiFi. That will help with location.

If you don’t then I would keep track when they turn off. Unfortunately there is no easy way to see all your smartapps in 1 place or actions. But I would go through all your devices and hit SmartApps and see if any of them are turning them off.

If none are, then I would suggest your next step is to remove the GE switches and add them again. Maybe the pairing got screwed up.

(Chrisb) #5


Another thing to check: Have you played around at all with SmartApps in the IDE? I know that in the past I’ve tested some apps there using my physical devices and accidentally left them “installed.” This would make them do seemingly odd things.

(noah) #6

I think I may have actually found the problem. The bulbs are those stupid gu24 sockets that no one makes and are super overpriced. I found the only dimmable cfl’s that are in stores and have noticed that that if I leave them on at 100% after about 15 mins it shuts off. I think they are actually getting too hot and its shutting off. I am going to try a gu24 to edison adapter with an led bulb and see if I am still having that issue. I will update the thread just in case I find the actual reason.