GE Zwave switch appears to turn itself off randomly

Hi all,

I have seen this talked about elsewhere but nothing seems to fit out situation. We have a GE Zwave smart switch in our kitchen along with a GE addon switch as there are two switches that control the kitchen lights. We have had this running for over a year with no problems. This was with conventional light bulbs in the pods. I slowly started changing out the bulbs for Cree LED bulbs.

  1. I wanted daylight bulbs
  2. I wanted LED for cost/power savings over time

There is nothing extra running that would possibly cause the circuit to overload. Now with these six bulbs being replaced, there is actually less energy being used to light them. This behavior started this morning. We have had these bulbs in for over two weeks. I dont think the bulbs would be the issue.

Is there anything else I should be looking at?

Look at the Recent Tab in the ST App. Look at the event that turned off the switch. If there was no event, then maybe its the bulbs…

You can also unplug the HUB (offline) as the GE Switches will work regardless and see if the lights do the same thing. Then we know it’s not a cloud issue.

The GE switch is a relay. Do you hear a click when the light goes off?
Are they all going off at the same time?

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Ah man Wow Im so out of it. I had set up an automation rule last night, I think I was half asleep when I did it, to turn off the kitchen lights when no motion was detected by the living room motion detector. The living room is in eye shot of the kitchen. Apparently as soon as it detects no motion at all, it turns the lights off. I just need to get another motion detector and place it in the kitchen.

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Yeah, that Recent Tab will save you alot of scratching your head! My wife was complaining that the TV kept going off a couple of days ago. Went back to look at it. Turns out that I had an automation that says if the Dryer hasn’t been started withing 2 hours of the Washer finishing then Flick the Lights. If after 1 hour after that then turn off TV. Then if TV turn back on then Turn it Off until Dryer Starts!

Problem is, the kids were gone all day and SHE was the one who left the clothes in the washer!

This is happening to my switch all of a sudden but worse. It is turning on and off on and off continously. I had to pop out the air gap switch to disable it all togehter. I cant see anything in recent to show any unusal activity. It is clicking every time. Using the same bulb as i have for a year. Any inisght?